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Aric, Technician
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I have a Samsung 48inch hdtv smartcurved 2-3 months old

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Hi I have a Samsung 48inch hdtv smartcurved 2-3 months old and on the right side the inner lens is as cracked - no fault off our own may I add. (Help plz
Hello, and sorry you're having problems. We are now connected on this website- which saves you money over having a Tech come to your home, and in many cases we can fix the problem you're having. What is the full model number off of the back of the TV?Also, are you saying the right side of the screen is cracked?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No the screen is not cracked unfortunately I am working at the min.the tv is a Samsung 48inch 4kcurve ultra uhdtv 6500 smart the right hand side is distorted
Thank you for the reply. So, just to make sure I understand- it's not the outer screen that's cracked, but just underneath that part of the screen- the inner picture is distorted? If so, this is a panel failure- meaning a compromised part of the liquid crystal underneath the screen. This unfortunately requires replacement of the entire screen of the TV to fix it- there's nothing that can be done besides that. Let me explain though, ANY company that builds an sells a device with an LED/LCD display, will not cover this type of failure as it's what's known as a "pressure spot"- meaning some external pressure (be it direct, or from expansion/contraction due to temperature extremes) caused the spot on the screen to appear. It's not something generally within normal occurrence and Samsung will try to push blame onto the end-user (YOU). If you're 100% certain no outside force could have caused this, then I would prepare to contact Samsung and VERY diligently explain the situation stressing that this spot appears on it's own gradually, and was not a sudden occurrence- and nothing that happened from any outside force, pressure, handling, etc. That is your only hopes in having this fixed, as in every case I've seen, the manufacturer will try to not cover the problem. I wish I had better news on this one but you'll need to call Samsung directly and try to convince them that the spot was not caused by you. Feel free to reply back if you need more help, or want to reply back with more details. It does not cost you anything more to reply back once you've rated. Please do rate me positively (at least 3 STARS) and I will continue with you until this is sorted. The positive rating ensures I am credited for my work.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your help, as I'm a chef wil need til I get home, but u have bn helpfully I wil reply back later when possible cheers
You're welcome, and sounds good. Best of luck!