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Sharp Smart TV - Model: LC-32CFE6131kI've just purchased

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Sharp Smart TV - Model: LC-32CFE6131k
I've just purchased this and everything was fine until I attempted a Software Upgrade via the Net. This progressed OK until download was complete and I was asked to 'Verify', now the screen is blank and the LED indicator keeps 'flashing'. Switching the power 'Off' and back 'On' makes no difference.
Hello and sorry you're having problems. In order to determine what's caused this, I need to ask for some more info. 1) How long have you owned the set for please? 2) If you check that LED blinking- is there any pattern to it (for example 2 long blinks followed by 2 slow blinks, etc.)? If so, can you please get me the specific code so I can look up what's wrong?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Aric,Purchased on 21/03/16 and 'Initial Installation' OK - enjoyed viewing etc. Then advised re: 'Software Upgrade' (to V.05) - did so per on-screen instructions. Installed OK and was asked to 'Verify'. Did so and all seemed OK with new TV & Radio Channel list then screen went 'Blank' and LED 'flashed' etc. Does not appear to be any pattern just intermittent 'Blinking'.
Thank you for the reply. If you unplug the TV and then plug it back in, does that light start blinking right away, or do you need to press the power button first? Also does the Sharp welcome screen display when the power button is pressed?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Aric,'Unplugging' makes no difference and LED 'blinks' straightaway for approximately 3 secs duration (On/Off) without power button being pressed! 'Welcome' screen does not appear and controls (manual & remote) have no effect!.
I wasn't asking if "unplugging" made a difference- all I needed to know was if the light blinks without power being pressed- because this tells me your Mainboard is the cause of the problem. /The first thing you would try, is disconnect the set from power, then press and hold the power button on the TV itself (not the remote), for 10 seconds and release. Then plug the set back in, and also check that the power cord is connected tight at the TV as well. Press power once, and see if the set powers up normally. Try this procedure up to 3 times, and please let me know what happens.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Aric,Tried that - no change
I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately the software in the Mainboard has failed. Also, there's no way to force a Firmware update without anything on the screen. The TV's operating system can't even be accessed without the welcome screen showing- since you can't even access the MENU. MENU is generated by the software, and the MENU won't show to even be able to access it. Unfortunately your TV needs it's Mainboard to be "re-flashed" by Sharp, or in some case the Mainboard needs to be replaced. There is nothing else you can do on a user level as the software in the set has tanked. You can try leaving the TV unplugged for several hours or more (overnight is best) in the hopes that the issue clears itself- but I don't want to offer false hope. Every time we see this issue occur- regardless of brand or model, it does require attention form the manufacturer and in your case- luckily it's under warranty.
I'm very sorry for the bad news and wish there were a quick fix. Feel free to reply back if you need more help, or want to reply back with more details. It does not cost you anything more to reply back once you've rated. Please do rate me positively (at least 3 STARS) and I will continue with you until this is sorted. The positive rating ensures I am credited for my work.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Aric,Many thanks anyhow. I'll refer it back to manufacturers under Warranty and will rate you as requested.
You're welcome and best of luck!
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