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Is there any real benefit to getting a TV with 3d? or is it

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Is there any real benefit to getting a TV with 3d? or is it still very much a gimmick? I see passive and active TV's on offer for sale, but was wondering if they're worth it?

Hi Sean,

Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help with your question.

I personally don't' have a 3D tv and don't think I will ever get one. A few of my friends have a 3D tv but they don't use the 3d function that often I think it is due to the lack of programs transmitted in 3d.

3D is available on demand and a lot of movies are created and available in 3D.

I think it mainly depends on how much tv you watch as to whether or not it is worth it for you. Do you watch a lot of movies?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Carl, thanks for getting back to me
I do, I must admit I do love movies, that's part of the reason I was considering 3d.

It may be worth getting a 3D tv you then have the choice to watch movies in 3D. A large number of movies are available in 3D.

MY personal opinion is that 3d transmitted programs are unlikely to happen again for a while sky tried a 3D channel but it was moved online last year.

The cost of 3d TVs vary, I would favour towards Samsung, LG and the bigger names my brother has a 3D TV and it is an unknown make and the 3D is not very good on it. He was put off 3D by his TV. I think if you are going to have 3D you need to pay the money and get a really good set with a good refresh rate and viewing angle.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Awesome thank you, ***** ***** advice!