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The subtitles have become faint and have a slightly

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The subtitles have become faint and have a slightly 'shimmering' effect; ditto the channel info at bottom of screen; the background looks like closely-spaced horizontal lines instead of solid. Same applies to the EPG through the 'guide' button on the remote. However, the 'prog check' list of scheduled recordings, and the list of recordings on HDD or DVD display normally.
Assistant: Thank you. Can you provide any more details to help us find you the right Expert?
Customer: The model is the DMR-EX75EB



What is normal channels like through a satellite or cable box or antenna?whatever you are using?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
DVD is played through TV. There are no problems when channels (including when subtitles are switched on) are viewed directly through TV, but when played via the DVR, and 'subtitles' option chosen, the subtitles are faint and have the 'horizontal lines' effect. The effect is similar to that seen when viewing an old-style CRT TV set viewed up close.

By DVR you mean the DMR-EX75EB this is a DVD rec not DVR? or do you mean via a DVR inside a cable or satellite box?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The machine is a DVD recorder with a hard drive and a disc drive. Normally the hard drive is used and stuff you want to keep can be archived from hard drive to disc. Alternatively you can record direct to disc. It has an 'RF in' socket to receive TV signals and normally plays to TV through a SCART lead.

So its via the recorder that you have a problem normal TV directly through a sat or cable box is OK?

Now just for further clarification you are referring to the subtitles from the box itself that are OK through the tuner in the recorder is tat what you mean?

I am trying to separate any box you may be using from the recorder you see so I understand its a recorder issue

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This is how my set-up is configured: TV feed from aerial goes into the RF-in on back of recorder. There is an RF-out on the recorder which goes directly to RF-in on back of TV. Thus TV can be watched whether the DVD recorder is on or off. In this case, subtitles, etc. display normally.
Problem occurs when the TV signal goes through the tuner in the DVD recorder (i.e. you change channels with the recorder remote, not the TV remote) and back to the TV via the SCART lead. Similarly, if subtitles are recorded with a programme the same problem occurs on playback.

Yes that is a much better explanation so you are watching via an aerial not a box Ok that makes much more sense

The problem is usually the 5volt decoupling capacitor that feeds the tuner it starts to go bad eventually you will lose the tuner in the recorder it will need to be replaced the drawback is the whole unit needs to be stripped down to get at this device....

Let me know your thoughts on this


I am referring to the tuner in the recorder

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Many Thanks


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for this. It looks as though I shall have to take the machine to my local engineer. I'll keep a close eye on whether this is a permanent problem or an intermittent one. The machine is still useable, though.

Yes what is actually happening is the tuner is not being supplied with its 5volt working voltage it may have dropped to about 3volts dc now that will be OK but as the capacitor begins to go bad more then the tuner will not work anymore, the only other thing I have had for that again is bad capacitors in the powersection but I would bet it is tha 5vdc decoupling capacitor to the tuner had this many times

Thanks for the rating

If you need more help let me know