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I hope you can help. I have a UE32ES5500 I have it connected

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Hi I hope you can help. I have a UE32ES5500 I have it connected to a socket which is automated. I have this function so I can cut the power to have the TV off at set times. However when the power is restored the TV will turn on as well. Can we stop this from happening as when the power is restored there is not always someone there to operate it.
I want the power on but the TV off, so if someone is there they can operate it but it is not on unnecessarily.

Just to clarify does this happen when the TV was in standby and the power is cut off or only when the TV was on and the power cut off?

To better assist are you able to advise why your switching the power off at the mains, is this due to concerns over electrical fire hazard, concerns over wasted energy while on standyby, or something all together different?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi. When the TV is on standby this doesn't happen the power can go on and off without the TV turning on. The socket I'm using is a Lightwave RF. I have these around the house to control all lighting and power remotely. I have the socket in the kids bedroom on a timer so it will turn off at a set time. Also I can control this when I don't want them on the TV. However as I am finding if the TV was on beforehand the TV will turn on when the power is back on.

Unfortunately this is a case of poor design by Samsung.

The control board remembers the last mode of operation, eg Standby, which channel etc, and when power is interrupted the TV isnt smart enough to just default back to standby.

This isnt just a problem with your model I am aware of the same issue on the 8000 series too, the standard steps Samsung will tell you are to check the firmware is up to date, but confident this wont resolve the issue.

So unfortunately there isnt a setting which will enable you to stop the TV coming back on when the power is restored.

Good morning sorry for the delay in responding, do you still require assistance?

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