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My 90 year old aunt, who lives alone and has very poor

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My 90 year old aunt, who lives alone and has very poor eyesight has a Grundig Freeview Digital TFT LCD TV MODEL GU26DP. There is still sound and the ability to change channels but there is no picture at all, just a black, blank screen. It is possible that she has pressed the wrong on the remote control. I have tried unplugging and plugging in again but his has no effect. Can you help?

Hi , I`m Jack , I will be helping you today
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I`ll start by saying that if you do have sound then the tv is on and on the correct input and that no functions will cause the screen to be completely dark while the tv is playing with sound and all .

I`m sorry to say but the tv went defective and that problem would be the backlighting , namely power /inverter board in the tv .

Now this is a 26" tv and to have this repaired in a shop could cost as high as 100 pounds and you can practically buy a 32" tv with all the bells and whistles for that price so I would definitely recommend thinking about retirement for this one .

Wish i had better news and an easier solution for you today but i hope this help and I will be in standby if you have any questions.
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