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info tech
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Category: TV
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Experience:  Television Engineer for many high street outlets 20 plus years experience
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Why has the sound for my 5-year old 7000 series fifty five

Customer Question

Why has the sound for my 5-year old 7000 series fifty five inch flat screen HD Smart TV suddenly start to have static or a slight background "buzzing" when the sound is turned up a bit (not loud----we NEVER have played it loud)!?
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  info tech replied 4 months ago.



How are you viewing TV services please?satellite\cable box\cable straight no box\antenna?


Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Comcast Cable---and the cable comes into a Comcast Cable box---set right in front of the TV!
Anthony--I look forward to your answers!! :o)
Please make sure that there are no additional charges! :-)
I have paid $27 to tap into your knowledge---which I GREATLY appreciate!!! But $27 is enuf!! :o)
Expert:  info tech replied 4 months ago.

You have not used any other site offer (I do not send messages the site does) so charges will be as you say

I believe you have a problem with the cable box, now you can prove that simply by trying another input like say a DVD player or similar, if that is OK problem is the box, so please begin by rebooting the box by unplugging the box AND the tv from wall-power wait 5 mins then re-plug back in again, let me know if there is any change please

If this works out good

A positive rating at this point is welcome 3 to 5 stars with the rating bar of stars at the top of the page thank you,the site will then release a payment to me thanks again,note question remains open for 30 days