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I have a samsung lcd tv (model: LE32C450E1W) which i have

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I have a samsung lcd tv (model: LE32C450E1W) which i have owned for a few years. All of a sudden i now have numerous vertical and horizontal white lines which spread from the left to the right of the screen gradually as the tv warms up. When the tv is turned off and turned back on again, the problem disappears with the exception of some colours becoming purple and gradually grows again. No damage has occurred to the tv and it has not been in direct sunlight. I have tried using various sources and cables and the problem persists. I have tried the tv's own picture troubleshooting but the menu imprints upon the screen



I am sorry you are having trouble here,as a TEST please press the menu button of the sets OWN remote control (during the fault ONLY) are these lines OVER the menu display ?


Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Anthony,
The menu appears behind the lines/ lines over the menu, that is correct
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
i have attached an image of the lines over the menu

OK its one of two issues either the t-con board that drives the LCD display (screen)is bad OR the panel itself is bad,there is no way to verify which I am afraid even at workshop level,we replace the t-con to eliminate it,if it fixes that is good if not it just confirms panel failure, now this diagnosis is the same for whatever screen size you have,thing is you have a 32 inch set and these have now dropped considerably in price ,under £200,t-con board could be £40_£60 and it may be the panel bad so in my opinion you would be better off replacing the set?what are your thoughts on this?

Yes thanks for pic just backs up what I said above

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I see, how easy is it to get these replacement parts and to install them myself? I have a basic understanding of electronics mainly with phones but would you say it is doable to replace myself with basic tools?

The panel (screen)is a no go,its not economically viable and the panel will not be available this is the same for any screen size,the t-con will be available from a pulling site you will need the part-number found on the board itself its located upper top of the set (I can help you replace that)and you google that part-number for suppliers,just to re-iterate this is a gambit as it could be the panel which is not replaceable to me it looks very much like it IS the t-con I just have to tell you the way this is

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Okay, it is a fairly old tv so i dont mind trying to replace the t-con. how would you be able to help me replace it?

OK that is fine you need to get the back off the set, you will see the main-board this is the board with all the AV inputs attached,on this board will be a long ribbon or multiwired lead that leaves this board and goes directly to the t-con usually mounted upper middle of the set and may be covered by a metal shield,you need to get this board out first,be careful with the ribbon leads

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
okay, will do this now

Its a matter of unplugging those leads unscrewing the t-con then finding the partnumber on it once its out


Customer: replied 5 months ago.
apologies for taking so long getting back to you, i don't have a set of screwdrivers small enough to get to some of the screws so will have to continue with this tomorrow.
Thank you for your help though

OK let me know when you get there

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