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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
Category: Urology
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Experience:  MBBS, DNB surgery and presently working as Urology resident towards the degree of Urologist.
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i am female 20 yrs old. i have been suffering from bladder

Customer Question

i am female 20 yrs old. i have been suffering from bladder infection . i did cystocopy for bladder. they found a red bump cist 1.2cmx1.7cmx1.2cm. the doctor said it is emrbroyological. there was a small hole in it where once urine goes in it closes and holds it for a while accumulating bacteria. then it opens releasing it into the bladder. a biopsy made and send for lab. i am have to wait five weeks for results. my question is do i need surgery to remove it. do i need pre-cancer treatment. is it life threatening issue. please advise
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 4 years ago.

Dr.Tharun :


Dr.Tharun :

Do you have blood in the urine ?

Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 4 years ago.

HI Katherine,


Since when you have this problem ?


Do you have blood in the urine ?


Do you smoke ?


Was the cyst connected to the umbilicus(belly button)?


Any other symptoms ?


Please let me know



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've had 6 bladder infections in the past two years. The urologist first found the cyst when I was 11 it was 0.7cm now it is 1.7cm. During the cystoscopy procedure I saw on the monitor a big red pimple-shaped cyst and around it there were several red dots that looked like small cyst only seen through the microscopic camera and not the ultrasound. The cyst is not connected to my belly button but it's right below and I told the urologist who did the cystoscopy that I had pain in that area towards the right.


I got a bladder infection on february 12, after taking norva-floxacin it spread to my kidneys and that's when I started to bleed. I want to the hospital and they said that the cyst was causing irritation and that's where the blood was coming from so they gave me cipro-floxacin antibiotic for 5 days and the pain still remained but bleeding stopped after 2 weeks. I relied on cranberry pills, d-mannose, oxybutynin and acidophilus to avoid c-difficile (due to constant diarrhea from heavy use of antibiotics) until I did my cystoscopy on tuesday this week.


I had up to 6 blood clots but not frequent, and it was during the length of two days after the cystocopy, yesterday there was no blood clots or today. The bleeding has subdued today and I decreased the usage of pads.


I don't smoke however I am allergic to chicken and it seems like spicy foods make the pain even worse especially when I have acidic fruits.


I also participated in a study research by a general practitioner who is testing the effects of antibiotics in chicken that make E. Coli resistant to UTI preventative medication as well as antibiotics. Seeing as to how the bacteria in my bladder is resistant to all the different kinds of antibiotics, I thought this study research would be worth a try.


In the meantime I'm taking oxybutynin to help with the cramps. I have no fever so I assume the bleeding is normal?


Could you please just give any suggestions as to what this cyst could do, and what those red spots around it could be?


Thank you.

Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 4 years ago.
HI Katherine,

This lesion could be anything but cancer.Because cancerous lesions would have definitely grown in such long time.

So for all practical purposes we are dealing with a benign problem.This could be anything from a papilloma,cystica glandularis or an adenoma.Only biopsy could confirm the diagnosis.

Usually biopsy involves removal of the whole lesion as it is already a small one.So mostly biopsy is diagnostic as well as therapeutic.So the problems may solve with this biopsy it self.

Such a small cyst/space (1.2cmx1.7cmx1.2cm) will hold very little urine (2- 3ml) which is not sufficient to cause infection in the urine.

So further action has to be taken as per the biopsy report.If it is e benign lesion and is completely removed then there is nothing to be done.If there is residual tumor, then completion of the tumor excision can be done.

I hope this answers your question.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If the cyst is not the cause of bladder infections, then why do i keep getting bladder infection that last for two weeks and are untreatable by antibiotics

Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 4 years ago.

It could be other way round , that the recurrent infections could have caused the cyst to form.Because recurrent infections and irritation is one of the cause of formation of such cysts.

Recurrent infections could happen due to various reasons like resistant bacteria, lowered immunity, lesions in the bladder and stones.

If no factors are found after doing all the tests ,then long term antibiotic is the answer.Usually low dose antibiotics are given for 3 months continuously which decreases the frequency of such infections.

So if the biopsy report is normal and tests to rule out other causes of infections are negative, next option is continuous antibiotic prophylaxis.