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My 13 year old son has been experiencing urinary problems over

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My 13 year old son has been experiencing urinary problems over the past 8 weeks. He has had pelvic, lower back, abdominal, groin area and penile pains. He has been prescibed 3 doses of antibiotics, attended outpatient and have had an ultra scan (kidney) and blood tests which have all come back clear. He has been referred to a specialist Pediatric Urology Unitand have being waiting for over 5 weeks for an appointment. The situation at the moment is that has constant penile pain, due to sensivity issues, which is paricularly worst on urinating. The tip of his penis is sore as he is continually leaking.???? I feel that my only solution is to go private, for him to see a urologist, unsure of where to go and cost implecation.
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.

How have his bowel habits been? Is he constipated?

Has he had a urine culture done? What did this show?

A pediatric urologist is the specialist he should be seeing for this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He is not constipated, the urine test/ culture came back negative . What will a urologist do that is different to what has already been done. Would it be worthwhile seeking help privately instead of waiting for an NHS appointment. Is there anything else that I could try that would ease his discomfort! Any idea as to what the problem could be?
The urologist may place him on medication such as oxybutynin to see if this helps stop potential bladder spasms that can be the cause of his symptoms. They may also refer him to physical therapy to help him retrain his bladder to calm down. These symptoms are very common in young children.

There is really nothing you can do to help him. This likely requires prescription medication and physical therapy to treat. The pediatric urologist would be the best to help treat this.
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