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I am an active 73 year old woman with a prolapsed bladder.Despite

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I am an active 73 year old woman with a prolapsed bladder.Despite being prescribed tablets for an overactive bladder I still have to get up 4 times through the night and constantly feel as if I need to go even minutes after I have just passed urine. This is really affecting my ability to exercise as I like to walk ,also to curl .(It was inconvenient, not to mention embarrassing to have to leave in the middle of a match recently).I have always done pelvic floor exercises as I was a physio.So far I have not suffered from incontinence.Would an operation not help.
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No, an operation would not help for overactive bladder.

Is trospium the only medication you have been on?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As I said I have tried 2 other medications which I was unable to tolerate.They were returned to the pharmacy -I do not have their names but they made no difference.

Is there nothing else that would help?My mother had an op. for

a similar problem which was successful many years ago.

The only operation that may potentially help an overactive bladder is the implant of a bladder pacemaker called InterStim. Is this the operation you're referring to?

Have you had a test called urodynamics done to evaluate what your underlying bladder problem is?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No I have not had this test -may not be available on the N.H.S.I assumed the bladder problem was the result of it being prolapsed. It has become much worse in the last 2 years.

No, bladder prolapse typically does not cause overactive bladder. But they may be associated with each other. If your bladder prolapse is severe, then your doctors may want to consider correcting the prolapse first to see if this helps solve your overactive bladder problems or not. If you continue to have overactive bladder, then your doctor may need to consider additional procedures such as either Botox injections into the bladder or the placement of the bladder pacemaker. Your urologist should do the urodynamics test to confirm whether not overactive bladder is truly your issue or not. Hope this helps.
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