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i have been suffering non stop bladder presure for a week now

and altho drinking lots of... Show More
and altho drinking lots of water have no relief at doctur has prescribed a low dosage of 100 mgs of monotrim to ba taken at nite but still no change.i am desperate to find a solution as quick as possible as i cannot get a wink of sleep as pain is so bad .can you please help im also due to go on my holidays this weakend so realy panicking to find solution to my problem
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Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.

Did they do a urine culture? Did it show you have an infection? Was it sensitive to monotrim?

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

yes done urine samples a few times and came up infection.not sure what you mean when you say was it sensitive to monitrom.did have infection a couple of weeks ago but was given augmentim for that.been having problems for weeks now but the pressure is non stop.

When a urinenis culture is done and bacteria is found, they test different antibiotics to see which me is correct for the infection. This is called the sensitivity.

If there is no infection, then your symptoms are likely due to bladder spasms from an overactive bladder. In this case, you should be placed on the medication such as oxybutynin which is designed to stop bladder spasms. You need to discuss this with your urologist as you may have a condition called overactive bladder. Hope this helps.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Am i wasting my time Taking this oxybutynim something a doctor can prescribe as i cannot het an appointment for 3 months to see a urologist

I can't determine whether or not you're really wasting your time taking this antibiotic as I can't be sure what is really going on. Oxybutynin can only be prescribed by a doctor. You will have to wait to get into see your urologist for this prescription.