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Dr. Y.
Dr. Y., Urologist
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, I'm feeling desperate now. I'm very prone to UTIs, I

Customer Question

Hello, I'm feeling desperate now. I'm very prone to UTIs, I get them frequently particularly after intercourse. About a month ago I got symptoms and put myself on Nitrofurantoin for about 3 days but it didn't seem to get better and I felt very unwell so I went to see a doctor who tested my urine and said there was a small amount of blood and gave me Amoxicillin, initially I felt a bit better but after a few more days I felt bad again so went back to see a different doctor, they tested me and said I had no blood and suggested I had STI checks, he also gave me Trimethoprim. My STI and urine tests came back clear and the Trimethoprim didn't work. The doctor then gave me Cefalexin which again seemed to help initially but then when the course had finished it was still there. The doctor is now at a loss and said I need to be referred to a Urologist which takes months.
One thing I think I should mention is that I do have the Herpes Simplex virus, I have had this for over 16 years and rarely causes an issue.
My current symptoms are lower abdominal pain and tenderness, severe burning and stabbing pains through the urethra that comes and goes, twinges of pain in abdomen and near kidneys, some nausea and some days I feel generally unwell.
With all my reading I have looked at IC as a possibility but I do not really have a burning desire to urinate or burning when I do. Another thing I came across was Urethritis, I see this can be caused by the Herpes virus but there is no real mention of twinge pains and seems to mainly display signs of frequent urination which isn't really my issue.
Please can you offer some advice towards a diagnosis or further action?
Thank you
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 3 years ago.
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.
If you been into see a urologist? Have they done a CT scan to rule out kidney stones is the cause of your infections?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No, as I have stated above my doctor says I need to see a urologist which will take months.
The burning is the worst, it actually burns all through to my bladder and almost into the top of my thigh on the right side.
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 3 years ago.
Interstitial cystitis is a diagnosis that we only entertain when all other causes for recurrent urinary tract infections have been ruled out. Urethritis is not a likely cause of your symptoms.
In someone who has recurrent urinary tract infections, this can either be from incomplete bladder emptying or I recognize kidney stones that are harboring infection. There's nothing you can do to try to figure out what is the underlying cause. You need to see the urologist to do cystoscopy to look inside the bladder and have a CT scan to evaluate for stones.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It would be great if it was kidney stones but I don't have any blood in my urine, it doesn't hurt to pass urine and the burning is constant and in a wide area so I ruled that out. But are you saying even with these things in mind it could still be kidney stones?
Do you think it could be vulvodynia?
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 3 years ago.
No, this does not sound like vulvodynia.
This certainly can't be kidney stones. Kidney stones only cause discomfort or bleeding if they are causing blockage to the kidneys. If they are sitting up in the kidneys, they don't have to cause any symptoms except for possible recurrent urinary tract infections. The only way to determine if these are kidney stones is to have a CT scan or x-ray done.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I don't think my symptoms fit kidney stones either. The closest thing I have found is IC which I'm really worried about, do you think this is the most likely or do you have a suggestion of an alternative diagnosis? Thanks.
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 3 years ago.
There is no way to determine a diagnosis without being able to examine you or do any imaging studies.
As I mentioned, interstitial cystitis is one of the last diagnoses these we would entertain including if all other causes of your symptoms are ruled out. Kidney stones that are asymptomatic or incomplete bladder emptying are two of the most common causes of recurrent urinary tract infections.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I understand, but I don't currently have any infection, I've had 3 culture tests all negative. So doesn't that rule out the possibility of kidney stones or incomplete bladder emptying? Sorry for all the questions but I am very scared after reading all about IC and the burning and pain is really effecting me.
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 3 years ago.
No, this does not ruin any diagnosis out. This is why you have to see a urologist to do the full evaluation.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Some of the burning feeling is almost throbbing twisting pain and is mainly at the front and lower abdomen to the right but is also extending down my leg, does this help with any other possibilities? I will have to wait months to see a urologist which is very depressing when I am in so much pain and discomfort.
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 3 years ago.
This insulation that you're having may be due to bladder spasms from an overactive bladder. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do until you get into see the urologist. Alternatively, if your primary doctor knows how to treat overactive bladder, they may potentially be able to start you on a medication such as oxybutynin to see if this helps.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
An overactive bladder means you urgently needing to urinate often with some incontinence though doesn't it? I don't have either of those, but could I still be suffering with this?
I know and understand you can't say for sure but I'm trying to understand a the possibilities so I am prepared.
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 3 years ago.
No, you don't have to have incontinence with this. You could just have the urgency to urinate frequently work you could have the feeling of a urinary tract infection.