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,A couple of years ago I had an encounter with a lap

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A couple of years ago I had an encounter with a lap dancer, she gave me hand relief, but while doing so she spat on her hand and wiped it on the top of my penis. I wiped it off straight away as I was worried about possible infections, and then she finished...
I am married with children and subsequently went through a very bad time with guilt and paranoia. After about 3 weeks I went to a GUM clinic and had a load of tests done just to be on the safe side. They all come back negative. But I'd got it in to my head that I'd contracted something. I kept feeling discomfort in my penis area and was very stressed out. About 5 months after the event, I had an incident where I had white discharge from the end of my penis, it was a significant amount, and just looked kinda like seamen to be honest. I panicked and the following day went back to the GUM clinic and had a swab taken. The Dr looked at it under a microscope and said I didn't have any STIs, however never explained why I'd had the discharge.
I had a couple more incidents of discharge, but started taking some medication for thrush (as I thought it might be something to do with that). I took flucanzole (1 pill) and put some canestan cream on every day for a couple of weeks. I had a couple of minor discharges, but then it seemed to stop altogether. Then I had no issues for a couple of months, then I had another "incident" but again nothing happened after that. I now take a natural herb for Candidia and I think it helps, it certainly did initially.
In the mean time I've been to my Dr and had lots of different tests. I had an ultrasound scan on my vital organs and it all come back as ok, my prostate etc was the correct size etc.. I had lots of different urine samples and blood tests and they all came back negative.
Not long after this though I started having problems with urinating - needing to go all the time and feeling like I hadn't emptied my bladder properly, but the main thing was at the end of weeing I dribbled a lot, and it took quite a while to finish, lots of stop starting.
Also after sex after urinating, I sometimes get some leakage of seamen later on, and worryingly my seamen is no longer a white colour but is always yellow now.
I got referred to a Urologist, and they did some flow tests that came back fine, because I still complained about urination issues and also the discomfort that I suffer with (feels like a urine infection sometimes and others just uncomfortable, but does seem to wax and wane) they sent me for a cystoscopy. I thought I might have some kind of stricture, but nothing came back from the investigation, other than to say I had a slight kink in my urethra but nothing at all to worry about.
Anyway here I am 4 months after the cystoscopy and still suffering, in fact over the last few months the urinating has changed a bit, not I have issues with dribbling after I leave the bathroom. I did some research and have been using a method of milking from behind my testicles and that has helped. I use tissue paper but I am having to "dab" an awful lot. Initially and then again after milking from behind my testicles. It seems to be slowly getting worse to be honest. I have been doing Kegel exercises for a couple of months but that hasn't made any difference yet. It seems to get stuck in the head of my penis and only milking moves it through...
I just don't know what to do next. My main issue is with the problems with urination and general discomfort that seems to wax and wane. I find it really uncomfortable to wear any kind of tight clothing, I've changed my boxers to be loose and only now wear comfortable trouser, joggers etc.. no jeans anymore as I find them uncomfortable. Also the colour of my seamen does worry me.
Any help/suggestions of what to do next etc.. extremely gratefully received.

Hi Sorry for the delay. Have you discussed the continuing problem with your urologist?

Dr. Chip and other Urology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No, the last time I saw the urologist was December 1st when I had cystoscope and he said he couldn't see any issues.