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I had a kidney stone in each ureter 18 months ago and was hospitalised.

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I had a kidney stone in each ureter 18 months ago and was hospitalised. One stone passed through but the other (5 mm) is still lodged in a 'kink' (seen on x-ray) but not causing me any pain. What are the pros and cons of my operation using ureterorenoscopy? The surgeon wants to operate on June 9. I am 75 and although I have had 3 previous operations (which did not worry me unduly) I am concerned about this procedure & possibility of MRSA/C-difficle, etc, infections (my hospital, though new, has had bad press recently!). What are the risks of doing nothing?
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The main risk with this operation is development of a urinary tract infection. However, this risk is pretty low. Risk of scar tissue formation in the ureter or perforation of the ureter which may require temporary stent placement is a possibility. However, if you do nothing for the stone, it will probably eventually lead to scar tissue formation anyway. This can lead to permanent damage of the kidney. You also eventually developed serious urinary tract infections from the stone. Based on this risk alone, you should definitely have ureteroscopy to remove the stone. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I also tried herbal treatment (South American ....XXX? Picha?) for 3 months last year - no change in size of stone - and now have received a pouch of Watermelon seeds from "Heritage Store" in the USA. Is it too late to try this watermelon tea - ie for results before the 9th June?

Also, you said that doing nothing could lead to permanent damage to the kidney. Even if the stone is lodged near the bottom end of the ureter?

There is no medication that can dissolve the stones. A stone is essentially a rock. You cannot dissolve rocks.
If the stone is anywhere along the ureter, this will cause blockage to the urine flow and will cause damage to the kidney overtime. So yes, with the location your stone is in, it will eventually cause kidney damage if it is not removed
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