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Dr. Tharun
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My daughter aged 24 has had 6 severe bouts of cystitis in six

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My daughter aged 24 has had 6 severe bouts of cystitis in six months. The last four have involved passing blood. We are rapidly coming to the conclusion that this is by no menas a standard UTI - the usual symptoms do not apply. There is extreme pain and urgency to pass water, sweats and a fluctuating temperature, plus the passing of blood. The most recent bout hit her very quickly and the symptoms were so extreme that she had to go to A & E yesterday and has been prescribed a 7 day course of anti-biotics, but I believe the infection (if indeed there is one - the last three tests have come back negative) is a smoke screen for something more serious. She also had diarrhoea as well. Her whole system seems to be under strain and I am worried about her kidneys. There seems to be a failure to diagnose this problem correctly and it is getting more severe with each attack. Please can you advise?


Have she undergone an abdominal scan of the kidneys and the bladder ?

How is her urine flow otherwise ?

Any childhood urinary infections ?

Have you checked for diabetes ?

was an urine culture done ?

Has she seen an urologist yet ?

Does antibiotic help ?

Please let me know.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No she has not had any scan - I think that would be the next step.

The urine flow is normal as far as I am aware, but quite heavy and frequent because she is drinking exta water.

She did not sufffer from UTI's when she was a child.

No check for diabetes - she is not over-weight quite the opposite, although I know that is not necessarily an indicator.

The GP has sent samples off to the path lab and the last three have come back negative - certainly recently.

Anti-biotics do seem to have an effect, but only temporary - she is getting this problem about once a month.

She has not seen a urologist.

There could be various reasons why she is getting these repeated infections.
It could be undetected diabetes, stone or some obstruction in the urinary system.
Residual urine in the bladder can be a source of infection sometimes. Reflex of the urine from the bladder into the kidneys can be a cause in young females.
Growths in the kidneys or the bladder also can cause frequent UTI as well as bleeds.
So you should start with seeing an urologist who can recommend all the tests to rule out above mentioned conditions.
If all tests come negative then a cystoscopy can be done, which is seeing inside the bladder with a camera.
Lastly she can be put on continuous antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent future infection if no root cause is found.
If you have any doubts or questions , please let me know.
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