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I had a urinalysis with microscopy done last December, no blood

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I had a urinalysis with microscopy done last December, no blood or protein was found. Also metabolic panel test was fine. However, Ive had lower back pain for about two years and sometimes to my right flank. The pain comes and goes - comes mostly after I sit for long at work. Anyways, I recently went back to doctor last week. he did a dipstick test which recorded trace of blood as well as protein trace. He however says my pain is most likely back pain due to posture, etc and not a function of organ. Ive been quite concerned and wondered if I should go do more test..
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Have you had a kidney CT scan or ultrasound?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No Kidney CT scan or Ultrasound. The doctor from last week asked that I do some exercises for my back but didn't recommend scan or ultrasound. So far my symptoms have been back pain - though to say it relieves at times with stretches and massages but still worried that it could be caused by serious kidney or bladder issue since lower back is affected. I have followed up again and a different doctor at same hospital has ordered for a urinalysis with microscopy done which I did this morning. - no results yet.

It's possible your back pain could be related to musculoskeletal pain but it also could be from kidney stones. Anytime blood is found in the urine, you need to have a CT scan and a camera test of the bladder called cystoscopy. The blood in the urine could be possibly from kidney stones which could be causing your pain as well. Hope this helps.
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