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Dr. Y.
Dr. Y., Urologist
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I had a sacrospinous fixation (already had a hysterectomy many

Customer Question

I had a sacrospinous fixation (already had a hysterectomy many years ago) a month ago and that was followed by my admission after a week which diagnosed a haematoma. Bleeding has finally subsided to a pink/yellowish trickle now. I have had many urinary tract infections and was told this op would help to stop them.
Post op l was given Cefalexin 500mg and Metronadzole 400mg. After A & E was given a second dose of these antiobiotics.
When it was clear at beginning of last week that l had a urinary tract infection l began my reserve antibiotic Trimethoprim 200mg which has worked for previous infections. When it clearly not working l got a sample of my urine to be tested. I was told the only antiobiotic left that would work for my infection was Nitrofurantoin 50mg x 4 times a day.
I thought it was working. Stopped for one full day (its side effects were horrid - not that they weren't with all the other ones above!) and then the infection has returned. So missed one day and have now taken for 2 full days same antibiotic.
Its not working and l just feel this Nitrofurantoin isn't going to shift it. I have a ache in my peeing area and the usual need to pee frequently. Do you think already l have a resistance to this new tablet? What should l do? Should l ask GP for a higher doze than 50mg? I have to still wear a panty liner and l try to keep as much air flowing into the area as poss. and l drink lots of water. Am getting rather desperate. I am 69.
Advice please, thank you Harriett Wyndham
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.
Have you ever had a CT scan or cystoscopy by a urologist to work up the infections prior to the surgery?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I believe l had a cystoscopy about 3 months was a tube put up my bladder and the urologist (Haywards Heath - princess royal) looked into my bladder. My urinary tract infections for ages was showing a trace of blood. Was told all OK. Thereafter quite soon l had the above procedure. But l have not had a CTscan.

Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 2 years ago.
Ok. Well you definitely need to have a CT scan to evaluate the infections. A very common source of recurrent infections with multiple organisms like you have is an unrecognized kidney stone. This needs to be ruled out be CT scan. You need to discuss this with your urologist.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks. As l am a NHS patient how do l manage to contact a Urologist without being referred by GP and then waiting for appointment while l continue to be in this discomfort. Any recommendations on how to speed things up?

Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 2 years ago.
That's a tough question as I am in the USA and don't know how the NHS works in that regard. You may want to inquire about a CT scan directly from your primary doctor to see if they can order this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Well have you any colleagues who can advise who actually live in UK?

Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 2 years ago.
I'm sorry. I do not