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I have been on this site before with similar problems but

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i have been on this site before with similar problems but asking again if i should be worried as this morning noticed slight mark on underclothes which might have been blood or forgive me soiling can't be sure. The mark was browny possibly red. I only
ask because i have had concerns before which have amounted to nothing in the past. I had an exam a few years ago after bleeding which turned out to be a tiny polyp and last year i had a cystoscopy April 2014 and an ultrasound on the bladder which was fine.
My doctor did tell me once that if I have intercourse this can cause a slight bleed due to vaginal dryness. My husband and i did have intercourse the night before . i am 58 and have gone through the menopause a few years ago now although i do occasionally
still have hot flushes.
If this bleeding happen after intercourse, it is very possible that this came from the vagina. However, if you are not exactly sure where this blood may have come from, you should see your doctor to have a Analysis done to see if you have blood in the urine. But since this sounds to be the same concern that you had in the past which amounted to nothing, this is most likely going to be nothing at all. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
well thanks for that of course i cant be sure it came from the vagina but it is odd it should happen after intercourse which we do not have as often any more due to vaginal dryness. I have only recently had a urine test as part of well woman test and it was fine. not so long ago any way my other concern is that i get so anxious now everytime i go to the toilet i am expecting to see blood and it is driving me crazy
I think this is your anxiety getting the best of you. If you recently had a normal urine test, I would not think anything about this. If you're still concerned, then you should see your doctor for a pelvic examination. But honestly, I think you really have nothing to worry about.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you