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My 6 year old currently has a SP in situ and her urologist

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My 6 year old currently has a SP in situ and her urologist wants to perform a mitrofanoff stoma. She has 2 duplex systems on with her right kidneys with grade 5 reflux, left kidney is just a duplex. 2 years ago she had reimplantation of the bottom right ureter. It was after this that the SP was fitted. Previously she had problems passing urine, often going up to 10 hours without passing. My query is, one Dr feels she has spina bifida but her mri was normal except for some fatty deposits and her urologist said she has non neurological neuropathic bladder. He basically said he doesn't know why she doesn't pass urine. She also has EDS but only mild. Has anyone had a case like this where the bladder simply doesn't work or should I be asking for more investigation before we commit to a mitrofanoff? Thanks
Definitely. If she has not had a test called urodynamics, she needs to have this done. This test will determine how much bladder function there is and whether the mitrofanoff procedure is correct or not. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
She had urodymanics which showed that she had a large capacity bladder and although the bladder showed signs of needed to void once it reached approx 300ml (she was 4) it took until the bladder reached 500ml before she passed urine. She then only passed about half of the urine.
Is it possible for someone to catheterizd her to help empty the bladder?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
She has a supra pubic catheter in situ. My main concern is they still don't know why she can't pass urine.
Well it sounds like they have done all the appropriate tests to try to figure out why she can't empty the bladder. She may want to get a second opinion on the MRI reading to make sure there is no sign of a tethered spins cord that can cause this ad this is a problem that can be surgically corrected.
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