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My husband started with a terrible cough in early February,

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My husband started with a terrible cough in early February, coupled with fever (lasted only two days), nose bleeding and otitis. After seeing the doctor, he was prescribed antibiotic for his otitis. However, although his otitis has gone, he got urine infection three weeks ago. He was prescribed a very light antibiotics for the first week, which failed to remove the urine infection. Therefore, he was given Co-amoxiclav 500mg (for 7 days) to treat both cough and urine infection two weeks ago - which was last week. This medicine did help with his cough. However when my husband went to see the GP last Friday afternoon, while he feels completely ok, the doctor told him that he saw some blood in his urine (through dipstick test) which was not there one week ago. As a result, the doctor prescribed Nitrofurantoin (100mg x2 daily). It is his first time to take Nitrofurantoin, and after three days after taking this medicine, my husband started to cough again with sore throat (and he almost has lost voice today). Called the GP today, and being told to stop taking Nitrofurantoin.
We are going to see urologist next week.Questions:1) But I am so worried because he has taken so many different antibiotics for past four weeks, is it going to cause some long-term damage to his health?2) By the way, he had a blood test last Tuesday which shows all clear, no indication of urine infection at all. But three days later (last Friday), our GP said he saw blood trace in his urine meaning infection is still there. How can this be? ?My husband is 43, non-smoker, and had previous history with urine infection.
Being on multiple random antibiotics is not good, but it should not cause long term harm to him. Did his doctor actually do a formal urine culture to identify the bacteria and see if any of the antibiotics he was on was correct for the infection.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No, I don't think so. He is our GP, all he did was use a dipstick to test his urine.
You can still have microscopic blood in the urine even after an infection was just treated. This is because the information can lead to bleeding. The problem that I see in this case is that the doctor did not do a urine culture. A urine culture is necessary to identify the bacteria. The culture results also give me a list of antibiotics that the bacteria can be treated with. This is what he needs to have done in order to determine which antibiotic is necessary to clear the infection. You need to go back to the doctor to discuss this. Hope this helps.
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