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My daughter had cystoscopy, STING and MCUG, and has bilateral

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My daughter had cystoscopy, STING and MCUG, and has bilateral reflux and thickened bladder wall. She has kidney scarring from pyelonephritis almost two years ago and suffers from repeated uti. Reflux hopefully fixed but she is now on oxybutynin - can you tell me what for? We have not been given an explanation and weren't told she was incontinent.
The oxybutynin is prescribed likely because she has a small bladde capacity as evidenced by the thickened bladder wall. This small capacity can lead to more reflux. So the medication is designed to help relax the bladder to hopefully get the capacity to increase to decrease the chances of reflux. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi thanks for this info. The ultrasound she has before cystoscopy when her bladder was full showed she could hold 400ml (I think it was ml?) which I thought was good? Her bladder looked good when very full but not so when empty...
Them based on the information you have provided, I cannot determine why the oxybutynin was prescribed. Oxybutynin is typically prescribed for bladder spasms or four small bladder capacities to try to increase the capacity. It sounds like your child has neither of these issues. You're going to have to ask your doctor exactly why it was prescribed.
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