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I recently saw a commercial on TV that said if you ever

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Hi I recently saw a commercial on TV that said if you ever see blood in your urine go to the Gp. Being a hypochondriac that got me thinking. I passed water about a year ago and when I looked in the bowl my wee was clearish pale greeny yelow but there looked like a very slight hint of pink around the edge of the bowl ( could have been a toilet cleaner). At the time I though it was probably the lighting in the toilet and the tiles which were a pinkish colour which gave off the hint of pink colour on a white toilet bowl. I had also drank quite alot of red wine that weekend and therefore thought the colour if any may relate to diet. Since then I have been checking the colour of my urine everyday for a year and it is always a straw yellow,sometimes pale green but always within normal colour range. Am I right in saying that if there is no abnormal change for this period of time (just over a year) in an otherwise healthy 40 year old male I should be ok?
Well you can't just guess as to what this may be. If you think you may have seen some strange color to your urine, you should just get your urine tested in the doctors office to take out any question as to what this is. But from your description, this does not sound like blood. It could just be some staining of the urine from the foods in your diet. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks for your response im not sure if its just my mind playing tricks on me as im a serious worrier. I saw a urologist 2 years ago as I was paranoid about having blood in my urine due to this commercial. He sent me for a CT scan to put my mind at rest and everything came back normal. Can I ask if there is bleeding detected in the urine would it become more obvious if just left without treatment overtime for example if there was tumour present?
Yes. If there was a tumor, the bleeding would get worse and there would not be any question as to whether this is blood or not. It would be clear that there is blood and it does not sound like you have this. Hope this helps.
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