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Previously normal, voiding completely at intervals, I have

Customer Question

Previously normal, voiding completely at long intervals, I have had severe uti symptoms for 7 mths. 1 lab diagnosed citrobacter freundii in May but GP's lab reports 'no action' to specimens both before and since. For 3 wks symptoms v severe - pain in urethra, burning and constant; pain in lower abdomen - severe, variable, swollen abdomen; unable to urinate for 16 hrs on Monday but with constant urge and severe burning, was about to call ambulance at 2am, but voided about a cupful; next day I measured intake 1200ml - output 1700ml, but today output again insignificant; upon emptying output vessel from the 1700ml there remained in the wide container 1/2" depth of yellow jelly; urine is v dark and opaque.
I cannot continue with pain and fear, as I am aware there might be serious implications. I have seen a consultant who gave another antibiotic which has not helped - in fact I am worse - and a urodynamics referral. Meanwhile nothing, and my phone call expressing my fear regarding total retention unanswered.
I am an extremely active 85 year old, mentally andphysically, so question. Does my chronological age mean that investigations, into possible obstructions, that I know have been done on younger women with my symptoms, will not be carried out, perhaps because, for example, cancer or other serious conditions would not be considered for treatment in geriatrics?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 1 year ago.


Just because you are old doesn't deny you the right to diagnosis and treatment. Chronological age is almost out of the equation in almost all medical specialities. It is the physiological age which defines what treatment a patient can undergo. But we have to respect the age too. Diagnosing is not an issue. But what treatment we should take for it should be well balanced taking the natural history of the diease diagnosed. If the diagnosed condition is not going to affect your overall survival without affecting your quality of life then a more conservative approach can be taken instead of hopping onto heroic actions / surgeries. You should not worry about the age as the reason for any neglect in medical care.

A ct scan of the abdomen and cystoscopy will diagnose most of the causes for urinary obstruction. If there is no anatomical( structural) obdtruction then urodynamic study is the next step which will define any neurological cause for urinary obstruction.

I hope this helps you.

Get back to me if you have more questions .