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I had a hernia repair done last year (12cmx 7cm) it’s hasnt

Customer Question

I had a hernia repair done last year (12cmx 7cm) it’s hasnt held and I am due another op. I am being sick daily, sore and burning. I am now being monitored for bowel strangulation by my gp. I have mesh in there that’s has an additional 3cm each side sutured. Consultants are not sure what they are going to do as it’s a big hernia..... and reoccurrence has happened in such a short space. I am petrified. What can they do and also how complicated will op be as they mentioned tissue will have fused to mesh
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  wieyedoc replied 4 months ago.

Hi. My name is***** have over two decades of experience, and I'm online and available to help you today.

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Expert:  wieyedoc replied 4 months ago.

How did the hernia occur in the first place?

Do you have any other medical problems or take any medications?

This is not an answer, but an Information Request. I need this information to answer your question. Please reply, so I can answer your question. I look forward to helping you.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi there, I had a baby in August (Tues 16th) 2016 by csection (2pm) . It was my third csection. After the csection, due to blood preassure levels I had to remain in recovery (8.30pm) on the 17th. I was feeling very unwell and had a pink mark appear above the dressing. I notified a nursing auxiliary to which they stated it was internal bruising. They didn’t ask for an actual midwife to have a look at it or a doctor. I got worse through the day and the mark started to get hot to touch and started to grow in size. I requested a doctor several times but due to staff shortage, although a junior doctor attended the ward they didn’t find the time to see me.At 4am on the 18th, a junior doctor finally came to take a look. They didn’t actually touch stomach or take time to diagnose what was wrong. They got bleeped away. I chased up the nursing team during the morning of 18th to be told it was an allergic reaction. When I asked what reaction was to, they said they had no idea. The pink mark had started to take a very distinctive triangular shape, I was in lots of pain and I pulled up a nursing student. The nursing student had a look and dismissed it. By afternoon of 18th I was feeling awful and lots of pain. I managed to get hold of a midwife. The midwife pulled up the student and student confirmed it was growing and looked more fiery. Early evening of 18th a junior doctor took blood cultures. They tried to site a cannula. Unfortunately it didn’t go well. They decided to run saline through it at 11.10pm and when they went to run antibiotic through, my vein collapsed and my whole arm went on fire. It was stopped immediately and I asked for oral antibiotics. Cannula was finally removed at 2.20am on 19th. I had an antibiotic awaiting just after 6.30am. I still wasn’t great on the Friday. On Friday evening a member of staff drew a line round red mark to monitor growth. On the Saturday 20th, in the shower I felt a drop in my stomach. When I went to go back to bed, I felt a tear and fluid and blood starting pouring down my legs. My dressing was removed to reveal that the suturing has slightly parted. They said this was the infection releasing itself and that I would now be on the road to recovery. They put a gentle dressing on it to monitor seepage. No sample of fluid released was taken to test for what the infection was. I started to feel worse. By midnight going into Sunday 21st I was complaining to staff I felt really unwell, by 5.30am on the Sunday the wound had opened and the bowel was now coming out. I had to have emergency surgery. This was delayed due to theatre already being occupied. General surgeon had to be present to make sure bowel hadn’t been damaged. I finally got out on the 25th. Since the birth I haven’t had great health. Continual tugging, burning and tearing in stomach. In April 2017 I was told I had a small umbilical hernia. Then in August 2017 when getting operation for hernia it turned out it wasn’t a small hernia. In fact it was huge. I now have mesh holding it together (12cmx7cm) additional 3cm each side for suturing. I was admitted just before Christmas 2017 to be told the hernia is back and they are not sure how they will proceed as now the mesh is there it will be more complicated. The consultant stated that the hernia was caused by the infection from my third csection. The tissue never recovered. I am now being monitored by gp as I am showing symptoms of bowel strangulation. If I had been given antibiotics the day following the csection as a precaution, rather than staff guess it was internal bruising then it getting brushed off as an allergic reaction, would the wound have even opened? It was confirmed I had an ecoli infection. What will happen to me long term regarding my stomach? Will I continually have reoccurring hernias? Thanks for your time
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi there, have you had a chance to read through the information you requested? Thanks
Expert:  wieyedoc replied 4 months ago.

Sorry. I'm on call this weekend and I spent all day yesterday in the ER or the operating room....

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi there. I totally understand. If you do find a free minute to reply it would be greatly appreciated
Expert:  wieyedoc replied 4 months ago.

Just got back from another emergency call.....I'm getting too old for this ;)

Let me go over your questions in order:

1. There is no way to know what would have happened if the staff had addressed things correctly at first and started you on the correct antibiotics. But I would hope that the outcome would have been better....

2. Long term, once they get the hernia fixed, you should be fine.

3. I don't think so

From what you have posted, In the USA you probably would already have been contacted by a number of solicitors (we call 'em attorneys) interested in your case....

Just make sure you are under the care of an experienced surgeon when it comes time to repair your hernia. You don't want some young doctor just out of training.....

Does this make sense to you?

I am happy to be able to help you today. If you would be so kind, please help me get credit for my efforts in answering your questions and press the excellent feedback button for this encounter. And, don’t forget, I work for tips. I would also be happy to continue to answer any more questions you have until we have resolved your concern.

Dr. Rick MD FACS

I wish you the very best.