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married am american

Customer Question

if a man married an American  that lives in Utah in las vegas , and then separated from her and left the country, can she file for divorce under desertion and if so how can we find out if the divorce has been granted either in Utah or Las Vegas.  As far as I know divorce was filed 6th Feb 2011 but not granted by the time husband left the US

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: US Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 4 years ago.
Hello Jacustomer,

Divorce records are public. There are a few ways to get them. One would be to contact Utah or Nevada's Departments of Health and Vital records.

Some states have them free on line -- Utah, for example -- does. (see link). Nevada does not. But if you needed a certified copy of a Utah divorce you would have to go to the Utah Department of Health, and pay a fee. (see link) You could do this right on line with your credit card.

For Nevada, you can contact the Nevada State Department of Health and Human Services. (See link) They will tell you how to make a request to have them verify records.

There are also commercial sites that will -- for a fee -- do a complete nationwide search of divorce records. This one is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, a non-profit US consumer protection organization. (see link). But there are many others. Just Google "get my divorce records" and you'll see many of them.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!