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Can you assist. I have a client an 80 year old British citizen

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Can you assist. I have a client an 80 year old British citizen who lived and worked in America for 40 years. She has attemped for 13 months to have her funds $33,000 transferred to her bank account in Scotland where she lives. Despite 3 phone calls and 7 letters which included Primary proof of ID , in the form of her passport, along with secondary proof of ID , a utility bill with current address dated in the past 3 months, Chase (JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA) wouldn't accept this and requested her signature was notirised by a solicitor.This was done ,at cost ,to our client and sent. Strangely , this was lost!!! Chase were contacted and stated they would accept copy which was sent. Embossed stamp from solicitor , can be clearly seen, however they advised that they will not accept this.Do you know who we can complain to to have matter resolved?

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a US lawyer.

Chase appears to want to make sure that it has indisputable documentation in case someone else is cleverly trying to steal your client's account from abroad. They are not known for their customer service to their small, non-corporate account holders.

You can get a local lawyer who could verify the documentation you've mentioned and take this matter in person up the Chase chain of command until it's resolved.

However, after all of this time, you can also make a complaint directly to the Bank's regulatory authority. That would not cost you any money and may resolve this for you quickly. You need to contact the US Department of the Treasury at their Office of Comptroller of the Currency. The complaint forms and all you need to know about are online.
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