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I want to query the details of estate value for the three people

Customer Question

I want to query the details of estate value for the three people who passed away in the following address in***** Valley Stream, New York, Usa,

Names are***** his wife Christine Carroll and her sister Kathleen O Sullivan or it maybe just Sullivan for the last name.

Patrick Neil Carroll was my uncle and I did receive a small inheritance
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: US Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 3 years ago.

My name is Fran, and I am a US lawyer.

Unfortunately, we cannot get these details for you as that is something which is outside of the scope of the service we can provide. We are unable to engage in representation of customers, as it is not allowed by the site's terms of service. The most we experts can do is to provide you with general legal information which will help you to get what you want done yourself.

The first step would be to determine whether the three decedents left wills. Those wills are usually then probated in the Probate Court where the decedents resided. I do not know where they lived, but they died in Nassau County, NY.

A will that has been probated is a publc record, and you would be able to obtain copies from the court where it was filed by going yourself or having someone else go to Probate Court and asking for the records. The clerk will charge you a per page fee for copies. Here is the contact information for the court where wills get probated in Nassau County. Again, this may or may not be the right court, but if they lived in Nassau as well as died there, there's a good chance it is.

Another way is to contact the executor of the estate to get the information you want. Your surviving family may be able to tell you who that is if Probate Court has no record of these deaths. Alternatively, you could hire a NYS lawyer to get the copies of the will from the court on your behalf.

It's much more complicated if the will has not been filed with probate, because then the will is not a public record and only the named beneficiaries can see it. That puts you in a catch 22 situation, because you don't know if you are entitled to see it unless you can see it, but you can't see it if you're not entitled. It's best under these circumstances to get a Trusts and Estates attorney in NY to find out what's going on and protect your rights.

To find a NYS Trusts and Estates lawyer, you can contact the New York State Bar Associaton's Lawyer Referral Service and tell them what you need a lawyer for. They can refer you to a lawyer for a $50 fee that includes a half hour free consultation with the lawyer. Another service you can use to find a lawyer is Many of Martindale's lawyers are peer and client rated which some folks find very useful.

Finally, if there is no will at all, NYS appoints an administrator if the estate has more than $30,000 in it, and that administrator distributes the money to the heirs, if any, according to the NY laws of succession. Here is how that is distributed, according to the statute.