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Can a Chief Judge be hired in the UK to make representation

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Can a Chief Judge be hired in the UK to make representation and direct a bank to release funds, and is VAT applicable to a financial transaction. If so why would a Judge demand payment of VAT prior to release of funds?


My name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you with this question.

No! You can't hire a judge to order a bank to release funds. And no, VAT is not applicable to the withdrawal of funds from a bank. VAT is a tax on goods and services purchased. And, you're correct: even in those instances where VAT is applicable, you would have the goods or the services completed before VAT would be required.

These sorts of preposterous assertions are characteristic of people who are perpetrating advance fee frauds. The scammers are generally really West Africans, no matter who, what or where they say they really are, who know how to exploit a person's vulnerabilities, but they don't know a thing about UK law. They are spinning legal requirements out of thin air and counting on the fact that you won't know enough foreign law to challenge them. Meanwhile, the phony requirements are only a reason to keep you paying and paying and paying and paying, for the millions of pounds supposedly in a UK bank that some con artist has told you will one day be yours but that don't exist.

You are being scammed. Most people who come to us with tales like this are involved with an internet romance and think that they are helping to clear her inheritance, so that you can be together and live happily and wealthily ever after. But it's all a lie.

In other instances, they received unsolicited notification that they have been left a legacy from a long lost relative or that they have won an international lottery. These are also scams.

No doubt you are being asked to wire money abroad via Western Union or MoneyGram. Send no money! Make no wire transfer. Have nothing further to do with anyone involved in this so called bank problem, and that includes your "girlfriend," because she's part of the fraud.

Report the scam to your local and national authorities because if you've sent off any money already, the only way you'll ever get it back is if law enforcement can find these thieves and bring them to justice.

These scams frequently go hand and hand with a lot of forged documents to try to convince you that you're being asked for money for legitimate purposes. Your "girlfriend," for example, may have sent you paperwork that her fortune is now in your name. Or you may have copies of "court orders." They are all going to be fake, but if you have facts and/or documents that you think may make me change my mind, you can use the reply tab to let me have the additional information, and I'll look into this further.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Zoey

Your response is exactly what i expected, and I thank you for that.

You need now to understand I am in New Zealand Although work in the US. My wife and I have Green Cards.

I became involved in this sorry saga nearly three years ago, whilst the supposed owner of the funds was in jail in NZ having been charged with fraud.

I was asked to help release $US500K from ABN Ambro Bank in Spain.

I challenged every action and took exception to what was happening. I visited the owner of funds in jail on two occasions and he was suddenly released without bail.

I never heard a word from him until September last year which was 15 months after his release.

You have to understand I have access to this guy at any time, so it's not your ordinary deceptive fraud.

He accuses me of participating in attempting to defraud him.

He says as a result Scotland Yard seized his world wide funds and placed them with NatWest Bank in the UK.

We are charged with paying the cost of reuniting his funds.

This has gone on now for 13 months and substantial funds have been exchanged via Indonesia, being managed by the Governor CBN. He tells me these are his representatives.

I have not been able to identify this so called Governor. Mallum Sanusi who uses the email address of his associate CHARLES SOLUDO <*****@******.***>

Now I'm not complaining but want to figure out what this guy is up to and whether or not he is in fact being conned. Please understand I can go arrest this guy at any time. He is either deluded or genuine and that's what I can't figure out.

He says Scotland Yard are calling the tune. I say that's not right and I have the records of emails and their origins.

I don't really want to put this guy back in jail and have to figure out a strategy to bring this whole affair to finality.

Kind regards

Lyndsay Wilson

The story you are being told cannot possibly be true, and it is a matter for law enforcement.

A way to bring this to finality would simply be to cease contact with this person and stop paying money. That he tells you that you are somehow complicit in the loss of his funds is irrelevant. If he has an actual claim, let him mount an intenational suit and attempt to win a judgment by proving it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your advices. It confirms my thoughts and research and is a helpful tool for me to convince others.

Kind regards


You're very welcome!

Best of luck!
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