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My son died in Medford Mass on the 28th dec 2014. I had him

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My son died in Medford Mass on the 28th dec 2014. I had him repatriated to England for cremation We had to meet the cost ourselves as he was not insured. He did not leave a will but has some savings with Citizens bank. we are his only surviving relatives. I am 75 and my husband is 81. we cannot travel to America due to ill health I have written to Citizens bank for advice on 11th Jan but have not had any reply. We have his death certificate and a noterized letter from the undertaker in the u.s. who dealt with the repatriation. I have spoken to clerks at the bank who tell me I cannot close the account our receive any money without knowing his bank account number . Could you please help informing me what we can do.***** *****

My name is ***** ***** I am a US lawyer.

Have you talked to a bank officer rather than just a clerk? Have you sent the bank a copy of the death certificate and the notarized letter?

If getting the account number is ***** only way you can close this account, this can be difficult from a different continent. But there are various ways you can get the number. How did you know about his account with Citizen's Bank? If he has ever sent you or anyone you know a check, his account number would be on the check. His personal effects, if anyone could access them, would likely contain deposit and ATM receipts. He would be getting monthly bank statements in the mail which would contain his account number if a neighbor or friend of his could monitor the mail for you. With his password, his bank account could be accessed on line.

Otherwise, the bank has an obligation to notify the state if a bank account is inactive for a certain period of time. In Massachusetts, that time is three years. After that, as the only surviving relatives, you could contact the Massachusetts State Treasurer's department of unclaimed funds and be able to obtain what the state has available.

You can read about this here:

Since it's clear that the account will not be accessed and you can prove that with the death certificate of the account holder, you might want to contact the Treasurer's Office and report the death and the existence of a bank account and see if they can offer you some assistance. Their contact number is ***** the FAQ information.
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