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I bought a timeshare in Orlando Florida USA 35 years ago.

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My wife and I used it three times but decided we no longer wanted it. We asked them to sell it for us but they refused to do this. We then asked an exchange company to put it on their website and sell it for us but were unsuccessful. I paid the fees for another 15 years all the while asking them to sell it for us. When I reached pension age I could no longer afford this payment so I told them I was now retired and unable to pay the annual fees. They sent a lawyers letter talking us to court for the money. I sent the letters back telling them I was unable to pay and to sell the flat which I had paid $6,000 for 35 ago and to take any monies due from that. The letters kept coming and I eventually binned them all as I had no intentions of going back to the USA. However I have been asked to join a group of friends going to Orlando In May and wish to make sure I am not going to be arrested for non payment of dues for this timeshare. John Kay.
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My name is ***** ***** I am a US lawyer.

We do not arrest people in the US for failure to pay a civil debt. So there would be nothing that would emerge from a passport check which would prevent you from entering the US or which would require your arrest in the States.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your advise. I can look forward to my golf trip without fear of being arrested. John Kay.

There's no reaason you could be arrested for failure to pay a civil debt. And even if the time share company took you to court and you never showed up in a civil proceeding that would not yield a warrant for your arrest but would give them a default judgment. You should be safe from arrest.