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I live in the United Kingdom and once appeared as a key witness

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I live in the United Kingdom and once appeared as a key witness before a Grand Jury to give evidence against a leading member of the Irish Repubican Army who was behind a massive counterfeiting operation involving the so-called " Superdollar " - the printing of near perfect $100 bills. The IRA were - still are - involved in a massive conspiracy with the Communist North Korean Government to undermine the American Economy. The US Department of Justice are currently involved in trying to have this this leading IRA figure extradited to the USA to face charges. The Grand Jury indicted this individual. I now feel my life is in danger as the IRA still hold their investigation to unmask the whistleblower - myself. What can I do ? Do the US Department of Justice have a duty of care towards me ?
Should I somehow make them aware of my concerns. How do I do that ?

My name is ***** ***** I am a US lawyer.

Clearly if you had to come back to the States to testify against this person if he were extradited and standing trial, you could count on the prosecutor's office to take what steps are necessary to protect your safety.

If right now is when you need them, however, they have no jurisdiction in the UK. You can try this, however, if you are fearful for your safety. The FBI does have a presence in the UK. There is a legal attaché in the American Embassy in London, and their office works closely with the Metropolitan police there, so your security concerns can be addressed. Their contact number is ***** this page.

You could also reach out to the prosecutor in charge of the case when you testified before the Grand Jury. Calling their office and asking for the assigned prosecutor affiliated with that case should give you a name and a phone extension.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Should I personally make contact with the legal attaché at the US Embassy in London by email expressing my concerns or would it be more effective using a Solicitor to do this ?

You were a witness for the government and not for the defense. There's no reason you can't communicate directly with the legal attaché. Consider calling rather than emailing. It's more direct.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I worked as an agent for the US Secret Service for a decade providing all the intelligence that led to the arrests and imprisonment of most of this Counterfeiting Ring. The main protagonist was indicted but is at large in the Irish Republic after breaking bail which was temporarily granted on compassionate grounds. This threat to my life is very real. For someone in my position is the US Department obligated to provide help and assistance under US law ?

What was your agreement at the time with the authorities? If there was no understanding that you'd be protected, then there still isn't. Regardless, I would like to think that they may need your testimony down the road potentially, and thus would offer you some assistance.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

They offered me a blank cheque if I were successful in providing them with the necessary intelligence to break-up this ring under the leadership of the North Korean Government. After my years of secret work and successful outcome the US secret service reneged on their promise. The blank cheque was to facilitate my resettlement well away from Ireland.

Sorry to hear that. All you can do is ask. I hope they assist you. It certainly sounds as if they owe you that much.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Zoey, I'm still contemplating my next step.

You're very welcome, and best of luck!