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I would like to know if the following companies are

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Hi I would like to know if the following companies are legitimate: The first company is Vantage Global Advisors Inc.*****34th Floor New York NY 10174 Contact: +1(###) ###-####Fax Nos: +1(###) ###-####Website:
Email:***@******.*** Registrant Name: ***** ***** Registrant Organization: Global Advisors Registrant Street: 4173 Quilly Lane Registrant City: Columbus Registrant State/Province: Ohio Registrant Postal Code: 43215 Registrant Country: US Registrant
Phone: +1.6145723943 Registrant Email:***@******.*** SEC Listing: VANTAGE GLOBAL ADVISORS INC CIK#:(###) ###-####Business Address*****34TH FLOOR NEW YORK NY 10174 Mailing Address*****SUITE 2670 NEW YORK NY 10111 The
second company is Pharmaceutical Medical Technology Fund 100 EAST 42ND STREET, NEW YORK NY 10017 PHONE: +1(###) ###-####Website: Email:***@******.*** Registrant Name: Domain Admin Registrant Organization: Privacy Protection
Service INC d/b/a Registrant Street: PO Box 16 Registrant City: Nobby Beach Registrant State/Province: Queensland Registrant Postal Code: QLD 4218 Registrant Country: AUSTRALIA Registrant Phone: +45.36946676 SEC Listing: PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICAL
TECHNOLOGY FUND LP CIK#:(###) ###-####Business Address 100 EAST 42ND STREET, NEW YORK NY 10017 PHONE:(###) ###-####Mailing Address ONE FERRY BUILDING SUITE 255 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94111 Both companies are listed with the SEC, however only Vantage Global Advisors
are listed with Dun & Bradstreet. They are both not listed in the New York white pages. Bill Goodman from Vantage Global Advisors rang me and advised that my shares in FIRST REPUBLIC GROUP OF FUNDS were being acquired by Pharmaceutical Medical Technology Fund,
which has an IPO, which is going to be listed on the NASDAQ on September 15, 2015. They have offered me warrants, which I can exercise to obtain more shares before the IPO date. I am very sceptic as in the past I have been approached by many people like these
and they have always turned out to be bogus people operating a scam. This is the first time I have been approached by companies that are registered with the SEC and I could make a lot of money if these companies are legitimate. I have concerns, for example
the phone number on the Pharmaceutical Medical Technology Fund website does not match the phone number on the SEC listing. As you can see I have done some basic research into these two companies, however I am even worried that the people I have been dealing
with may not be legitimately associated with these companies, if the companies are legitimate or not. They are either legitimate people and companies or these people are running a very sophisticated scam. I would like some further research into these companies
to see if they are legitimate or not. I have all the emails if you want them and can provide all correspondence including stock certificates. Thank you.
Scammers frequently will "borrow" the name of legitimate companies in order to further their scams. However, if you are in Australia and have had unsolicited contact by so-called financial firms from countries other than your own, that is ALWAYS a scam. It is unlawful for investment brokers to make such cold calls, which is why every country's financial regulatory authority warns potential investors to avoid such cold callers.
The New York Secretary of STate has no record of any company in New York called Vantage Global Advisors Inc. It would have to be registered with them for tax purposes, and it is not.
It is also not a registered financial firm with FINRA, which keeps the offical data base for the SEC.
So, if this is the firm that reached out to you, it is a fraud, and regardless of what it claims to be able to do for you and whether the names of other companies match real compannies, you are being swindled. It has no authority to make offerings anywhere on earth, and if you fall for it, you will make nothing.
Similarly, the state of New York does not have any company known as Pharmaceutical Medical Technology Fund and you can see that for youreelf by checking the registry of the Secretary of state. Additionally, the address is insufficient.
I also don't know what causes you to think that they are both registered with the SEC because this company, like the first one, is not on FINRA's data base, which means that it too is not a registered firm.
These are not registered companies and all you have given me here is information that they purchased and launched a website. I can launch a website in a few minutes that would say that I am Pharmaceutical Medical Technology fund or Vantage Global Advisors, Inc, and so could you if you had the interest to do so. But it doesn't make it true.
Avoid this deal. You will get scammed. Guaranteed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your response. Yes, I though it was too good to be true. In regards ***** ***** comment about the SEC, all I did was to go to the SEC website and click on "Company Filings", which took me to the EDGAR Company filings web site and I typed in Vantage Global Advisors Inc. in the Company name search box and I got all the listings for this company. The same thing happened with Pharmaceutical Medical Technology fund. So how is it possible that these people can infiltrate this government web site?
It's best to look at FINRA's data base to see if you're dealing with a currently licensed financial firm. EDGAR shows Vantage to be a company that has not been active since 2001. As I said, scammers frequently borrow the names of legitimate companies. Pharmaceutical Medical Technology Fund isn't a financial firm but a company that made a private offering in 2009, 2010 and again in 2011.
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