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Zoey, JD
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I have searched name online after a long time (a few

Customer Question

I have searched for my name online after a long time (a few years) and a concerned with what I see. I used to live in the US and the major US background engines i.e. instant check mate, been verified etc are now holding information on myself. I noticed that some of the basic info is correct i.e I have never lived in Plan, TX. which led me to try to download and pay for the report on myself. I find out that I am unable to make any payment to these sites as I am in the UK. This is frustrating because I am now not able to see information being disseminated through these sites. I understand that they may not be the source but by getting the report I can then understand what the source is and rectify accordingly.
My question - Is there a legal way to gain access to these reports that the sites hold?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: US Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 2 years ago.
Hello, These reports from the web and from commercial background services are not only not THE source, but they are not known for their accuracy. Sites like Instant Checkmate (don't they accept major credit cards?) post disclaimers saying they use public records and are not to be relied upon for official use. You may have never lived in Plano, Texas, but that doesn't mean that someone with the same name as you doesn't. That's what's wrong with these background services. Your official record is based on fingerprints, which make for highly accurate results. Unofficial records are based on names and other identifiers, all of which can be lied about or which don't have to be unique the way fingerprints are. I suggest that you contact the FBI and order your 50-state and Federal record through them. You can send for a kit from them, which basically consists of a fingerprint card. You go to your police and they print you, mail back the card with the fee -- which is fairly inexpensive -- and they will mail you an official copy of your criminal history. Then you'll see your actual record and will be in a better position to know if there are errors and where you'd have to go to get them corrected. You can find out more about the process here.