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Zoey, JD
Zoey, JD, Criminal Defense Lawyer
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I am still having trouble to get in touch with retired us General

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I am still having trouble to get in touch with retired us General Peter Pace
Hello, This sounds like you have been the victim of a military romance scam. General Peter Pace doesn't live in Oklahoma. He lives with his wife and children in Virginia where he's involved in the financial industry in a civilian capacity, sitting on the board of directors of several Virginia companies. You have never been in touch with the real General Peter Pace. You can see the multitude of scam reports here on the web from people who were fooled into thinking they were in touch with the General.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
would you be able to get an email or contact number for him why would he say he was ***** ***** first and put his friend on to tell me he was general pace and his friend said peter pace was under oath and that I would get my money back but it would take time and to be strong for him or to pray.
I could put a dozen of my friends on the phone to lie about who I am and how much money I swear to give you. What does that mean if all I am is a liar? NOTHING. That's what. Why would he give you the wrong name and have friends tell you different things? Because the people you were communicating with were thieves and liars who were trying to steal as much money as you'd be willing to let him have. Whoever they really were, they were neither ***** ***** nor General Peter Pace. Peter Pace is a private citizen now who values his privacy. His address and phone number are not published. Here, however, is a biography which will give you the companies where he presently sits on the board of directors. You could likely reach the real person through those companies. Don't be surprised, however, if he never writes back. He doesn't know you or owe you money.
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