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Corey D Williams of is innocent. How will he obtain

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Corey D Williams of Angola is innocent. How will he obtain his release?
Hello, Unfortunately, all post-conviction remedies are longshots, the overwhelming majority of which will fail. In Williams' case, various post-conviction remedies have been tried unsuccessfully, and that's par for the course. Appellate courts do not review the facts of the case. They look for judicial errors and denials of due process. As a result of the new disclosures involving evidence not made available to the defense at the time of the trial, Cohen is trying to show that his client was denied due process of law and to overturn his conviction. This is a time-consuming process and one which, because of the serious nature of the charge, he can appeal several times before he has exhausted all possible remedies. But basically, under a Supreme Court Ruling entitled Brady v. Maryland, which was decided in 1963, a prosecutor MUST turn over to the defense all exculpatory evidence. Cohen is arguing that the prosecution deliberately withheld evidence which, if known, could have changed the outcome of the case. This is prosecutorial misconduct and a violation of Williams' right to due process of law. The state district court ruled against him. He now will appeal that ruling. From there, the argument would go first to Louisiana's state circuit court, then to its supreme court and on to Federal Court.
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