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A few days ago I received a phone call ( not sure who from)

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A few days ago I received a phone call ( not sure who from) telling me that I have owned 15000 shares in a US company called Pharmacare since 2007. I have no recollection of buying these shares; in fact I'm sure I did not. Foolishly perhaps I gave them my email address.Yesterday I received an email from Graham Clarke,***@******.*** with two longish forms attached which I was asked to complete sign and return. The value of these shares was quoted to be $144,450.I'm sure this must be a scam and thought I would report it to action fraud. Is this a known scam?
Not sure why I have been passed over to you.Patrick B
Hello, Yes, this is a known scam. You are the target of what's known as a boiler room investment fraud. If you continue to have contact with these people, they will tell you that they want to buy up these old Pharmacare shares from you at a mouthwatering ridiculously high price. When you agree they will tell you that the shares are restricted and that you will have to wire a third party some of your own money to lift that restriction so that you can sell the shares. That may sound logical to you, but it's a lie designed to fool you. YOu never have to pay anything out of pocket to sell your shares. This phony requirement is just a disguised up front fee -- the #1 sign of an investment fraud. The WHOIS behind the website shows that the name was only registered on June 26, 2015 and will expire in two more months. Further, they claim to be located in Boston Masachusetts and there is no such company listed at this address with the Massachusetts secretary of State. Also a financial broker or firm must be registered with the US security and Exchange Commission in order to be able to engage in trading. Then it would also have to be authorized by ASIC to trade in Australia. Cohen and Partners is not a firm registered with the SEC. Cease all dealings with them and report them to Scamwatch. If you sent them any money, you are the victim of a crime, so you would want to notify your police.
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