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I have been asked by someone on a dating site to purchase an

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I have been asked by someone on a dating site to purchase an itunes card to the value of$100 .I then have to reveal the code by pealing back the stripe and taking a picture to send him. I an not able to pay this this amount but I am being pressured to get the card. Am I being scamed
JA: Oh, dear. I'm sure the Fraud Examiner can help you. Is there anything else the Fraud Analyst should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: I am talking to the person on Hangout.I first started talking to this person on the dating app on facebook . he told me that the site had a lot of scammers on there and advised me to be careful . He gave me his what's app number and home number and email address. Everything seemed fine He was from Bulgaria but live in Dallas Texas a retired Electrical Engineer who handles contracts jobs.He is a widow 60 years old and has a 12year old daughter who is in school. Everything was going well until he asked me to get the itunes cards , he has flown to Turkey on a contract job , told me when his flight was , has sent me pictures of him on the plane and the plane flying. also a photo of the letter he received about the contaact. He want to relocate to the UK. At first he wanted to take things slow but that did not last long, He knows more about me than I do him although I did discover our birthdays are in the same month his daughters first then his then mine .We have only been talking since 15th April 2021 which is only about two weeks. to me everything is moving to fast and then he wants me to buy the itunes cards ,I became very unsure and frightened that I was being part of a scam. He said he loved me and wants to spend time with me . Its difficult for me to remember everything without looking back at all the texts, he knows when I go on hangout to read some of the messages Is he going to scam me.


I’m Zoey, and I am an experienced attorney. I know your question is important to you and I will be giving it the time and attention it deserves.

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Yes, he's going to scam you.   First of all, he's already asked you for money in the form of an iTunes card.  You took the bait and sent it to him.  Now he knows you believe and trust him.  It's only a matter of time before he starts asking you for thousands of dollars.

Secondly, all scams are scripted and 100% predictable.  They follow patterns and this one conforms to a scam we call the Stranded Traveler.  Here's how it works, and I know that it will be familiar to you:

You meet a guy on a social networking or dating site and he falls in love with you at warp speed. He sweeps you off of your feet, talks love, marriage, future and forever. He seems to be everything you always wanted in a man, and you can't believe your luck.

Typically, but not always, he claims to be a widower with a son or a daughter. Usually, he claims to have his own business, most often as an engineer, architect, oil rig specialist or contractor. But whatever his job, he tells you that he sometimes is required to go out of the country for work purposes.

And lo and behold, before he can meet you, he tells you he must go abroad on a work project in a country which is neither his nor yours. Once there, he turns out to be the world's unluckiest guy. He has the first of a series of emergencies for which only your money will do. The excuses are all lies, designed only to part you with your money.

He has equipment failure, for example, or can't pay his taxes, or he runs short of cash and he can't pay his workers, or he's robbed and mugged and all of his identification and money is taken. Or he's hospitalized and can't pay his bills or arrested at customs. And while any real businessman of this type would have insurance, credit, and additional money he can access for contingencies like this, and while he had to have contacts right where he is to get his job in a foreign country in the first place and while the Embassy is there for the very purpose of helping, he makes you feel that he's completely stranded and tells you that you are his only hope. And that hope comes in the form of your money. As much of it as you will send him over and over again until you run out of it, and then he will still want you to find a way to get more.

This scam can come complete with phony documents, phony customs workers, phony lawyers and more. Romance scammers are adept at photoshopping and they create a lot of forged documents. He may even send you a copy of his employment contract or his bank statements, so that you can see that he has a huge amount of money coming to him once he finishes his contract so that you'll believe that he'll be good for the return of the funds that he will ask for from you. Except that everything he has told you is false and any money you send him you will never see again.

Scammers use phony names, phony addresses, voips or disposable mobile phones with pay/per minutes, a fake profile and someone else's picture. People who run these con games are professional thieves. Every shred of identifying information you have on him will turn out to be inaccurate and any money you send him will be gone forever.

Scammers follow this script because it works, and if your situation conforms to the pattern he must be a scammer. There is no exception.

I understand that you may still want to believe him, but you shouldn't. Wherever he really is where the emergencies start, he's not in trouble. You are, because all he really wants is your cash.

If you know I'm right, cease all contact with him and report him online to the FBI at by filling out a report there, since he claims to be an American and to in your country. If you're still not sure, upload his photo to this question thread and send me concrete information about him so I can do a more specific search.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your relationship with this man is heading nowhere good.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Thankyou for your advice , I somehow knew that's what you were going to tell me. Should I just cease all contact by not answering his text

Yes.   Just cease all contact and block him.  You're not going to get the closure you want by confronting him.  They never admit they are scammers. They just get angry and/or try to put the blame on you.  You just don't know how to love or trust, etc.

He doesn't need you to tell you what he is.  He already knows that.  He'll figure out that you know it too once you start ghosting him and he realizes you're gone.

Zoey, JD and other US Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Can you send me all the answer to my question via my email address so I have something to forward on to the Action Fraud Police here
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I am glad I did not send any money ,so now I will let him think I have found him out and wait to see if he sends any more text which I will not answer . So in the end he will know I am gone. Is this the right thing to do

Attached is a PDF file of my answer.

Yes.  Ignoring him is the right thing to do, no matter how broken up he may sound or how angry.  They don't stick around long once they figure it out. What they want is money, so they'll move on to someone else who'll pay them.