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Shane-CPA, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: US Tax
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Experience:  Shane Northrop is a Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.
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This is Norbert from Maidstone and I am looking tax advisor company. I hav

Customer Question

This is Norbert from Maidstone and I am looking for a tax advisor company. I have found your website through google and found it very interesting.
Please let me describe what I really need so you can see whether it match with your company's profile or not.
Basically we are a UK based LTD ,we are UK resident. We have an ecommerce business and we sell products on Amazon UK and Ebay UK. All tax/VAT questions are solved here, everything is very straightforward so we can run our business easily.
Now, we want to start selling on Amazon USA/ Ebay USA as well and this the grey are we have no experience in. A lot of questions pop up instantly and we need somebody who can answer these questions.
First of all, do we need to open a US company (LLC) in order to get the most benefit out of this business?
For instance, we want to buy products in China, import them into USA and sell them in USA. So our UK company would not be involved at all so it seems a good idea to use a US LLC for t
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: US Tax
Expert:  Tax Expert replied 2 years ago.
Hi Thanks for your question - you would need to seek advise from a USA tax expert (rather than us UK tax experts) I have asked that your question be dealt with (and atrnsfered) to the USA side of the site.Thanks Sam
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Sam,I shall wait for advise from your USA side.Thank you
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for using JustAnswer.
If you find that your question is not getting answered you may want to consider posting your question on the US version of our site,, where your question would be made available to a wider range of professionals. You may be able to get an answer faster on the US version of JustAnswer.
You will need to place a new deposit on the US site. You can get a refund of your deposit on the UK site by following this link:
Please let me know if you need further assistance,