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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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I have a Vauxhall safira deasel some days its as gold then

Customer Question

I have a Vauxhall safira deasel some days its as gold then the next day it takes five minutes to get up to fifty no axceleration l
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vauxhall
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


What year is your Zafira?


Any warning lights come on or up on the instrument panel since this fault?


Whats its recent work and service history/mileage?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

2004 reg only warning light is the car with a line through it saying limp home but then it suddenly runs as it should its been doing this for weeks now. its serviced every year and has been very good. two years ago it would loose axceleration tried a few things and found it was the fuel cap not letting air in.

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for getting back..


Ok..Going by your description there would be a few things that would need to be checked or could actually cause this..however i see yo say you had a few "things" done but dont say exactly what they are...but the first areas really to be checking on the DTI engines would be the EGR valve..i cant tell you how many of these we cleaned and replaced on these engines - so that would certainly be the best starting point out of everything - so would really be a case of of removing that and basically cleaning it up and ensuring the valve does move - there are two types but going by your year i think yours will be vaccum operated - the other is a electrically operated solenoid and water cooled - either way they would be best ruled out and cleaned aswell as the oriface its removed from.another ikly cause could be swirl flaps valves.these often get the same problem - sooted up and can stick so again something else to maybe have inspected..if you have egr is vaccum operated then it vital on these engines that you basically trace and check every vaccum line you can see - as its the little rubber ends that tend to rupture and thus can cause faults - so again check those..another could be failed MAF again another common failure - this is located just after the airfilter and before the turbo unit.also check for any restrictions as far as the intake system is concerned and the intercooler system pipe work isnt leaking.also check waste gate on the turbo isnt seized again if vaccum operated you will have small vaccum line from turbo waste gate regulator valve to that...I see you say the engine management light comes on.thats the car with a spanner motif through the centre.that usually indicates that your ecu has detected the fault and will have stored the relevent faults codes as per what sensor/component on the engine management side itself is at fault and causing the issue you have.basically your going to have to have the ecu interrogated for any fault codes if and when the light has come on and see what being picked up on as this will give clearer idea where to check here..But like i say above very often its usually down to the EGR valve in some cases..I do know DTI's do tend to have issues with the injection pumps but going by your desription upto now doesnt seem to match - however you would need to start of with the basics above first and see if that improves the fault..I do hope this helps..