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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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Got a 07 plate vectra 2.2 design(petrol) . Warning light for

Customer Question

Got a '07 plate vectra 2.2 design(petrol) . Warning light for emission's come's on just after start-up. Big problem? Still seem's to run ok. From Lee in Camb's.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vauxhall
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


If at anytime the warning light does appear - then it will mean your cars ECU has picked up on a fault - with the engine management - emission control system / sensors which maybe running outside there normal parameters or has simply become faulty/signalling fault or the wiring/plug connectors to those are causing the fault to flag up - the light in question can cover quite a wide area of possible faults from intake system / ignition system to emissions monitoring , fuelling control/pressure - and in all cases such as you have if without any noticable issues as far as your aware yet - then the only best way forward to track the fault down properly is to have your car hooked upto a suitable diagnostic machine to retrive the fault code(s) and or at least locate exactly where the fault is and i'm sure any good garage will be able to do that for you - quite often it can be a simple glitch so once the ecu memory has been cleared and the fault code(s) written down before which and then car drivin again the light shouldn't come back on - if it does and the same code is flagged up then you would need to take steps to rectify the fault / part/sensor related to the fault code that is causing the EML to keep coming up..At this stage it would be hard to say otherwise wether its a big problem or just a simple fault that wont reuire any replacement perts etc..but you will only really know this for sure once you do actually know what the ecu is picking up on - lleast then you be in better position knowing what will need to be checked/inspected so to speak and take it from there ..So thats about about the only best way forward on this one especially as the car isnt producing any obvious faults as far as your aware - it maybe a case of getting it seen to now before it does developes into a potential bigger issue..I do hope this helps