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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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I have an Astra deisel 2.0 reg 04 When I park facing up hill,

Customer Question

I have an Astra deisel 2.0 reg 04
When I park facing up hill, the car starts, then cuts out and I have to turn the engine over & over to start. Is there a non-return valve somewhere that`s not working or a seal of some kind that needs the pressure from the fuel tank, behind it, for it to seal.
The problem is getting worse `cause I now need to keep my fuel tank at least three quaters full or the car won`t start when I park it on the flat ?????
Please can you help
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vauxhall
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Does it start ok when hot/warm facing uphill or on a flat etc?


Any warning lights come on since or during or prior to problem?


What sort of mileage does it have?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Does not matter if the car is hot or cold. If I park on the flat, depending how full the tank is, I have about half an hour before it won`t start. If I park facing uphill, I have about five minutes before the car won`t start.

No warning lights have come on.

Car has 130,000 on the clock.

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for getting back..


Sounds like you getting air into the fuel system and thus this allows the fuel to drain back to the tank and this is when you get the non starting since your trying to drag the fuel up to the filter then to the injection pump..not an uncommon issue on the DTI engines as they can be quite sensitive to air leaks - There is no in tank pump on these to help aid priming the system - so its going to have to be case of checking all the fuel lines under the bonnet in particular the most common ones that are changed if a problem like this crops up if it hasn't been done so already - is to re-new the rubber spill/leak off pipes or - remove the cover over the top of the engine and you see them right at the front of the cylinder head or just under the main solid injector lines to each injector bridge for the injectors - plus 3 t-sections that join all the spills pipes together and then lead to the main injection pump..check those for cracks at the ends where they go into the injector bridge aswell as any diesel leakage - best place to buy that spill leak off pipe aswell as the t sections is from vauxhall and is one the cheapest options to try first - you'll just need to cut each section by hand and install them exactly as you see the old set up and give that a try - also inspect carefully those t sections for any traces of engine oil aswell as the fuel filter - as this is classic sign the injector seals have gone and allowing oil to pass through the return lines,and the only way to replace those is to take the head cover off/ remove the t chain sprocket and lift the cam shaft off to replace those injector bridge seals which are another common fault on the dti and can give exactly the same non starting symptoms,something to bear in mind - another likely could the actual fuel filter housing again it possible one the ring seals/pipes into the top of the filter housing is allowing air in and thus causes the fuel to drain back..however to replace this is easy enough but bleeding it again will be a problem if you don't have bleed kit to drag the fuel up and prime the system as the dti's can be pig to bleed,so if at all possible maybe seek a reputable garage to carry that out - also check all the other rubber hoses to for any rubbing or chaffing leaks etc..The only thing left really which is yet another common failure is the main injection pump that would need to be checked by a diesel specialist to see wither it an internal fault with the pump itself..if it is and all other areas above have been ruled out then its not going to be cheap to repair that sadly..But as above nine times out ten bar the pump itself its usually the areas above that can cause that fuel return fault..I do hope this helps.....If you need to ask anything else then just continue...