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I cannot shut the tailgate. The black catch on the lid mechanism

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I cannot shut the tailgate. The black catch on the lid mechanism is stuck shut and I cant release it



Hopefully i can help..


What year is the car and i asume its Astra?


How did the catch become in closed position whilst open..or is the tail just not locking down?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The car is an Astra 1600 2002 plate. The locking mechanism of the hatch is out of sinc with the rest of the doors. When the rest of the doors are locked the hatch is unlocked but i only know that from tne press button on the hatch. The black catch does not move at all and is stuck in the locked position . the hatch is open at present and cannot be secured down because the black part of the catch wont budge. We do not know how or why this occurred. John R.

Hi..there..sorry for the delay


Ok..firstly you need to gain access to the mechanisim itself by in a way of removing the inner trim panel on the boot see the rod section follow up to the latch that stuck try removing that and see if the latch can be undone

- by the sounds of it could be the latch part itself that broken internally and now has perm locked in position - its eithe going to be throw up of the latch itself/lock motor which isnt really all that uncommon for breaking internally and usually goes the other way by not locking and the boot continually bouncing open..
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the Answer.. My own Astra, which I caused the problem myself, with a screwdriver poking about with the lock while trying to find out the problem with my partners Astra. I managed to resolve this and there is no fault with the system. With my partners Astra the lock itself does not appear to be working - I mean that the catch which engages with the stubb on the body- it does not move. I have taken off the back panel and managed to obtain a second hand lock/catch which I am shortly going to try and fit. disconnecting the rod mechanism looks to be awkward but well I am about to give it a go.John

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..


If you can that latch to move at all even with a screwdriver then it does sound like the mechanisim insode as jammed up or broken in such a way the latch wont i say usually its the other way round..but yep certainly try another latch and see how that goes..if you can still see or hear the lock motor going when you lock and unlock then that would sort of rule that out id say..

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