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Loose pipe in engine

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Black smoke coming from exhaust. I have located the loose pipe in the engine which seems to be causing the trouble. I reattached but it still comes free spewing oil. I solved it on the road side with a bungy, which only half keeps it on. The engine isn't over heating but i am worried.   loose pipeHow do I fix it permanently?




Hopefully i can help..


That section you see there is the quick release fitment thats coming apart - those hoses are for the Intercooler/turbocharger charge airhose system which is the reason you get the black smoke/lack of power if one of the pipes comes loose - you should not have alot of oil pouring out of that,if you do then it possible you may have Turbo issues - you may find a trace of oil but not alot as its only air that passes through that system..As per the pipe both ends should be metal/plastic and both sort of one fits into the other and held by spring clip to stop both coming apart - you need to carefully if you can check both ends on those pipes for damage aswell as that spring clip - if one end is fractured or cracked then it has to be replaced..the lower pipe end at the bottom goes straight to the intercooler and has jubblie clip holding it there - one thing you could try as temp measure you could try to get few sturdy zip ties and fit one to the top pipe and one to the bottom and the use the others to loop round the zips ties on both pipes to draw them both together..but as above you'll need to inspect the ends on that aswell as the clip..the clip just pops out to release both hoses..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I was considering zip ties as my next quick fix as you described. The way the pipe joins it slots down into the fitting so i can't see how a jubilee clip would do it but i will try this also.

I have an orange oil light coming on but my levels is fine when i dip, could these be related?





Yes those two ends just slot just quick release fitting - the rest of that intercooler circuit is all jubliee clips as you know from the other end of the pipe a jubilee clip wouldnt work on that to be honest as it solid not rubber formed to make a good would probably end up cracking one of the two ends..maybe try and get that spring clip to release then join the two pipes together and then pop the spring back in..the spring does come all the way out..just pops out enough to release the pipes..there is small loop protruding on the edge of the pipe to get a screwdriver in to pop the spring up..from what you describe its either one the ends of the two pipes has cracked or the clips broken or at some point hasnt been fully connected properly - maybe due to it being removed before...As far as the oil the intercooler system isnt connected to the oil system.if the oil level is ok then its posible you have oil pressure issue somewhere..thats why i would strongly check the turbo unit for leaks coming from'll need to remove the charge hose from that to see inside..any excess oil in there can be a sure sign of oil being sucked into the intake.intercooler system.hence the oil dripping from the charge hose your having an issue with - due to failing seals in the turbo unit..and could be the reason for the oil light coming on due to lack of oil pressure..something you should certainly have checked out..I do hope this helps