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astra j the service light is illuminated randomly and A/C fan

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astra j the service light is illuminated randomly and A/C fan comes on at the same time despite having the serviced last week

Mike :

Hello and Welcome..

Mike :

My name isXXXXX happy to help you..

Mike :

have you spoken to whoever serviced the car for you about this / see what they have to say?

Mike :

The system says you are off line - so please reply and let me know on the above - then when I receive your reply , I will get back to you asap thereafter - Kind Rgds, MIKE.......................................


Yes twice the second time with their computer. They said nothing showed up


on their computer error list. I also understand that a number of AstraJ owners have experienced a similar problem.

Mike and other Vauxhall Specialists are ready to help you

Hello again Trevor.

Thank you for your reply -

Ok.. Do you happen to know if after the service, if they re set the service light ..or not ? ( a lot of garages dont do it... )

Too - was anything done at all with the AC system, or not? ( Its not always touched on a general service - only if a re gas or a problem was needing attention usually ..)

Rgds, MIKE.........................................
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The AC was not touched during the last service and the engineer did not re-set the service clearance but the attempt was made to do this the second time.

Hello again Trevor..

Thank you for your reply.

Ok - there can be different reasons / causes for this issue - but I need to be 100% sure of what we are dealing with here - because its easy to make mistakes too..

So - please give me the Full reg number of the vehicle...

What is the mileage ?

Also - please tell me / describe for me exactly what the light in question looks like... exactly.. ( as there are two ).. even a pic will be good if you can... but at least a full accurate description -

With that then I can be sure of what we have here and can progress..

Rgds - MIKE...............................
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Mike

My reg no is PJ10PZF

The Mileage is 27171


The message is "Service Vehicle Soon" on the panel in front of the steering wheel the symbol is a car with a spanner inset into it.


Hope this helps.


Sorry for the delay but we were away for the W/end.


Regards Trevor

Hello again Trevor...

Thank you - ( no problem at all re the weekend - quite understandable )

Ok - now this is what I was trying to get at.. On your "J" Astra - the "Service vehicle soon" message / light , is not a message to tell you to service the vehicle... I know it sounds silly - but that is the case - its not a service reminder ( as the older models had by way of a light ) - rather - this is a "Engine management fault " "service" message...

Basically its telling you that the Engine management computer, is detecting a fault somewhere in the engine management system -- its impossible to say just where at this point... what needs to be done is to have the car connected to a suitable diagnostic machine -for what is called "fault code reading"... As that message comes on, the ecu will have logged relevant fault code/s... That / they need retrieving via plug in diagnostics, and that will point the tech to the area of fault, to be sorted out.

Its very important Trevor that the garage you use has the right equipment and software to successfully scan / read the Ecu.. If incorrect equipment and / or software is used - a "no communication" message will come up - or "no faults found"... or, false / corrupt messages - so do be sure you use a garage that has the right equipment.

I mention this because its a common "error" these days - and to be honest, the garage you have used, should really have known the above - rather than as you say, they "tried to reset the service light a second time "..

It may be worth just checking the engine bay / engine all over for any loose fitting pipes, air, vacuum pipes - wiring connections etc - and to include, check the engine oil level is correct. Any of these things will cause the Ecu to do as above - It shouldn't really be necessary as you have had a service done just - but you never know.. I would do that before having the diagnostics done - then go from there as / if still necessary.

So thats the way forward now for you Trevor to get this sorted.

Let me know if you need anything else at all - on this - or anything future of course - you are welcome back anytime.

Best Rgds, MIKE.