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hi, I have an Astra estate mk4 1999 70k. i bought it 6 months

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hi, I have an Astra estate mk4 1999 70k. i bought it 6 months ago, since ive had it i had to give the key a wiggle when turning on. this was fine and never bothered me. Occasionally the engine management light would come on whilst driving but when turned off/on again would be off again. so the other day I tried to turn over but nothing, all dash lights would come on and now will not go off. i took out the barrel and key reader and still the lights stayed on. i have had to disconnect the battery now whilst i try resolve problem. afterwards, I noticed the tip of the barrel was broken. Altho this may have happened after i removed it as I stupidly dropped it. i can't see anything lodged in where the barrel goes. after researching this I am thinking it may be a worn ignition switch? i have ordered a new barrel and switch already but do you think i'm on the right path or could it be something else? maybe starter motor? thanks in advance
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Vauxhall
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


From your description of events - If the dash lights are staying on after you turned the ignition and is still on even with the key barrel removed..means the ignition switch could be stuck in position thats not really that unusual to see on the astra of the year/version,the switch being the most common fault..the key wiggle fault could be the barrel being broken as you suggest thus probably couldnt return the switch back and forth properly..A new switch "the part where your wiring goes into" maybe needed..However try putting a flat head screwdriver into the old one -"the end where the barrel fits into and turns - and see if you can turn it manually yourself back as the barrel would - might get the lights off at least..however a new barrel will mean a new key so will may end up having reprogramme that key or you can try and transfer the transponder chip form the old key into the new one so the immobiliser can see the'll see the transponder "small black chip in the corner of the blade section when keys taken apart" and put it into the other key"..and try that...the only thing to do now is have the ignition switch/barrel fixed,replaced etc to see if that solves the issue..I do hope this helps