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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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Im seeing a black/dark sediment in the coolant tank. When

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I'm seeing a black/dark sediment in the coolant tank. When I looked inside there is fine sediment in the coolant (red/pink coloured coolant). I rubbed some of the dark sediment from the side of the coolant tank on my finger and its actually gold/brass coloured and rubs away on my finger. Any idea what this is and would it cause any long term problems. I'm assuming it's been picked up through the coolant system. Oil just changed last week and looks fine.


Hopefully i can help..

What model / engine / year - of Vauxhall do you have?

Mileage etc?

Is this alot of sediment in the tank/floating about?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi there, it's a Vectra on a 55 plate with 60,000 miles on clock. Not a lot floating about bit there seems to be some lying at the bottom of the coolant tank. I noticed a slight tide mark of it at the top of the coolant tank which is where I put some on my finger. Car was in the garage recently and coolant topped up slightly more than the correct level. Wondering if it's picked up some sediment from the system somewhere. Car running fine and just travelled 150 miles yesterday no

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok..yes if it a small fine line or small area of sediment then that isnt really all that uncommon to see in some vauxhalls..seen it myself many times..and doesnt normally cause any issues..its when presense of oil/vast amounts of particles/rust is when you have an problem with a component within the coolant system breaking pump impeller..If the coolant at present is red and clear then it should be fine and ok to to go about using the car normally..usually with any coolant system it should be tested for strength using a small tester..not sure if your garage did that or not..but usually as per that issue you see can be down the inhibitor in the coolant is breaking down either the age of coolant or two differant coolant types have been mixed at previous time,you will always get some sort of sediment build up in any coolant system over time...the only alternative to this or try to solve it but eventually it will build back up again is to flush the entire system out inc the radiator/heater matrix/coolant system passageways throughout the engine itself/housings and refill with the the proper 50/50 mix of antifreeze/water..but as it stands i dont really see anything to worry about..just keep a monitor on the issue..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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