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Category: Vauxhall
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Experience:  Vauxhall diagnostic technician
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I have a 58 plate 1.6 Zafira exclusiv which has now done about

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I have a 58 plate 1.6 Zafira exclusiv which has now done about 83,000 miles
My problem for a while now has been a "pinking" style rattle at 2000RPM,
A jerky motion if holding a constant slow speed say 20mph.
It's using up a lot of oil, approx 1 litre every 10 days to two weeks but theres no evidence of an oil leak on the ground or a blue haze from the exhaust. i had a new top filler cap fitted as there was some evidence of oilyness around the filling area, but still it does it.
\for months now I have also had the engine light come up intermittantly with the car/spanner light. I have had it in and out of workshops which say the diagnostics point to some valve or another and have had several changed at great expense, but to no avail!
A couple of times it has given astutter in mid drive as though about to stall but then comes back up again with engine warning light on.
A couple of times it has also fully stalled whilst driving but starts ok again.
Has anyone any ideas? it's cost me about a £1000 now since April.
Hi when you say 1 litre in 2 weeks, how many miles do you do in that time?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would guess at about 500 around West London.

Thanks for that, I think that your Zafira has a major underlying fault which is affecting the engine management system and causing secondary symptoms.

This year of Zafira and Astra has the Z16XE engine which at the time the pistons and cylinders were not exactly precisely matched and as a result this caused heavy oil consumption from the oil being burnt internally, you would not see a "blue haze" as the catalytic convertor burns the rest off, this is confirmed by the high consumption figures.

The "pinking" will be a result as the fuel in the cylinder will not get a clean burn and will also have carbon deposits on the valves from oil burn causing pre-ignition (pinking).

I would guess that you have had the EGR valve replaced a couple of times also a result of carbon build up from oil burn.

The conclusion is that the heart of the engine (block bores/pistons) are under standard (worn out) and would either need overhauling or replacing, the costs for this would be not far off the overall value of the vehicle so you will have to either consider getting it part exchanged, an overhaul or carry on running it as is but you will be throwing good money after bad when the secondary faults appear.

Not good news I know but I think it's best to cut your losses.

I hope this helps, best regards, Vauxdoc.
vauxdoc and other Vauxhall Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If this was a manufacturers design fault what course of action did vauxhall take to put it right for those customers who had a vehicle with this engine in?

Hi, it was not the design it was more manufacturing tollerances (precision), when vehicles were identifed with this problem they would have been repaired under the standard warranty period usually replacing pistons and rings, but after this time it would be seen as wear and tear.

There would have been many factors taken before repair such as service history, oil quality and general wear and tear, most other manufacturers also had and still have this condition.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks for your assistance, Your information has been very useful and explains the symptoms I have been experiencing.

In your experience, when I'm looking for a replacement, which is the most reliable Zafira model and engine? especially for high mileage around town driving?

Many thanks

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm trying to find the "service Rating" button to give you a good rating, but it's not coming up on this latest part!

I had one after your first answer and did the rating for you. how do I get to it again here??

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am trying to give you an excellent rating for your answers. But everyyime uou send me the request I click ob excellent anf tskes me to the questions and answer page. Once yhere I can not find where to give you a rating!

Could this because I already gave uou one after yout first main answer??

If so.. how do I send s second one??


Hi, sorry to have kept you, I am only on this site in my spare time in the evenings,

I think that it is because you have already rated my question, I do not get to see what is on your side of the screen just the question, I will forward this to customer assistance.

Many thanks and regards, Vauxdoc.