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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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I have a Vauxhall Astra 04 plate with 86491 miles on the clock

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I have a Vauxhall Astra 04 plate with 86491 miles on the clock and the gear box is stuck in fourthe gear andc cannot be moved. Is this a normal fault in a car of this age and milage


Hopefully i can help..

Just to clarify :- is this a Maual gearbox or an Automatic?

Wss there any indications unusal noises from the gearbox prior to buying the vehicle.test drive etc?

Is it just the gearstick/shift stuck or is the gearbox internally stuck do you know?

Whats its service/repair history like?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The car is an Automatic and the garage I sent it to said that the "gear box" is jamed in 4th gear -

No indication - noisess or problems putting into drive, park etc.

I am unaware of the service repair history I thought buying from a garage was the safest way and stupidly trusted them as they said it wasd serviced and mot etc.,



Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..First things to check is the Transmisson fluid in regards ***** ***** and what state in its visually..if there is any discolouration or cream type sludge in that oil when checked either one or two things the gearbox has been neglected service wise but at that mileage its should of been fine.maybe could of done with a full oil change anyway before sold..or the automatic cooler side which is tied in with the main Coolant radiator has caused coolant to leak into the see or should see two hoses a supply and a return coming from the gearbox and lead to the radiator - this was pretty common or quite well known even on lower mileage examples due the a fault with the oil cooler itself - and usually showed up as problems with the gearbox sticking in gear.and the transmission oil discoloured cream sludge "may or could" of been picked up during the service if they cared to checked - but now thats one check that has to be made,there was well known recall/rework issued by vauxhall as per below - Its possible too you may have an issue due to the selector switch on top of the gearbox.If the auto gearbox warning light or the engine ecu warning has come up since this issue then its best to have the car scanned to interogate the TCM to see what fault codes are present and take it from there..By the sounds of it - your garage are probably unable to carry that out hence the fact they say send to a specialist..of which if the gearbox is found to be un repairable then im afraid its not going to be cheap in most cases possibly more than the cars worth as it stands..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further or include anything else then please do so before you rate

Field Remedy: 1650
Subject:AF17/22/23/33 transmission - No driving torque because of cooling water in transmission oil
Vectra-C 2002...2004,Signum 2003...2004,Astra-H 2007...2008,Zafira-B 2007...2008Z22SE| Z32SE| Y22DTR,Z22YH| Z32SE| Y22DTR,Z18XE| Z18XER,Z18XER| Z22YHAF17/22/23/33 Transmission
Complaint:Loss of the transmission functionality in isolated cases. The following symptoms may occur occasionally: - failure codes P0700, P0715 or P0720 set - slight loss of cooling water - sediments in coolant expansion tank
Cause:Improper function of the sealring at the oil cooler conncetion. This can cause the penetration of a little quantity of cooling fluid into transmission oil.
Production:An improved oil cooler/radiator has been introduced in production as of VIN W0L0ZCF3541042598 (Rüsselsheim) and VIN W0L0ZCF6848035197 (Ellesmereport), W0L0AHM758G044472 (Gleiwitz),W0L0AHL4888033469 (Ellesmere Port), W0L0AHL4882063387 (Bochum), W0L0AHL6785041253 (Antwerpen).


In case of customer complaint rework vehicles as discribed in Customer Satisfaction Program 06-R-016 respectively 09-R-015, Vectra-C, Signum - Radiator and Special Policy Program 06-P-017, Vectra-C, Signum - Transmission Ventilation Hose. For AF17/22 technical rework 09-R-015 (Circulation Number SL-21/2009) Additionally it is essential to perform the following actions: - clean oil cooler hoses by compressed air - flush oil cooler with approx. 200 ml ATF - coolant to be checked (e.g. ATF in coolant expansion tank) and to be replaced if necessary
FunctionalGroup:K - Clutch/Transmission
Complaint Group:10 - Leakages
Trouble Code:P0700,P0715,P0720
Customer: replied 3 years ago.




Hi..there sorry for the delay..

Considering its an automatic - automatic transmissions oil should always be checked as part of a service or if in their case its was a "full service/inspection".then yes it should have been aviodable the fault regardless of age and mileage "if" the transmission oil was checked or even showed signs discolouration or problems in regards ***** ***** as such,to avoid problems like this..However on the other hand this may have been an underlaying problem in which garage would have no knowledge on like yourself under test drive and so happens the fault has unfortunatly cropped up - it does happen - but if this is due to an oil issue/condition of the oil then the garage is generally at fault for not picking it up then to be honest - as it stands age/mileage doesnt come into problems like that as you describe could manifest on all Astra H model ages/mileage...

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