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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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i have a vauxhall meriva that when its cold and you start it,

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i have a vauxhall meriva that when its cold and you start it, it keeps cutting out til it warms up a bit. is this normal


Hopefully i can help..

What Engine and Year is the car?

What its recent service/repair history?


How does it perform other wise when finally warmed up?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

its a 1.7 turbo diesel 04 I have had the car 2 years and it has always done this more so in winter. 113000 miles, it works fine when warmed up

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

I say the best things to check more so on these would be the fuel system / glowplugs - normally the glowplugs will only come on if the temperature reaches well below or under if recall 3-4degrees - if its higher then that then the engine may only put them on for a split second or not at all - so thes glowplugs all four would need to be checked out anyway regardless..and whether they get a power feed from the control module - the next check id say would be for fuel leaks/fuel pressure at cranking to see if a slow build up if thats the case then you have leak somewhere on that system or even a bad fuel filter/hosuing causing the fuel to drain back over night..also check for any visual leaks too...the only other known sensor to cause this would be the ect sensor that measures the coolant temp at cranking cold and hot..again the glowplug control module will use that sensor too to determine whether they come on or not..A diagnostic live test might pick up on that as faulty..but as above those are usually the most common on these cars and first checks or test to do..I do hope this helps

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